Starting off with a loan of only 100 pounds, the designer Karen Millen bought 1000 meters of cotton and started a brand by the name Karen Millen. Initially, it was all about making shirts and selling them to friends and family.

Almost four decades later the brand has evolved into a designer brand with thoughtful styles and designs. The creative talent and experienced craftsmanship really show through the clothes in the entire collection. 

The brand provides an assurance of a comfortable and unique style that keeps innovation in the loop for every new collection. The brand focuses on introducing you to the clothes that you would not only admire because of the style but also due to good quality and versatile fabric. 

When it comes to the fabric and finishes of the clothes it is all about attention to each and every detail. From a seam to every stitch, a good form and fit are kept in check throughout the process. 

This premium women’s wear selling brand is known for the quality fabrics being used for every evening wear, coat, and casual wear for women. The brand has more than 300 hundred stores that are located in more than 40 countries all over the world. 

This is the first designer-led brand that gained so much popularity and emerged massively out of the UK. It is recognized internationally for its versatile designs and does give a new style to your wardrobe if you are just a simple tee kind of gal. 

This is an independent label that has been offering high-end premium quality designs and patterns to you. The color schemes are very earthy and give a very relaxing vibe if you feel like going for such a thing. 

With the flowy skirts and exotic cut tops, you can really imagine yourself in an ad for a perfume that is definitely considered a luxury by the masses. Dresses, jumpsuits, trousers, jumpers, and some really beautiful sundresses that would be a complement to your personality. 

The brand, so far, does not discriminate when it comes to making clothes for everyone. You can easily find a section where you do get plus-size clothing that has the same level of style that would be for a petite beauty. 

The best part of you shopping for clothing from the brand’s website is that you get 40 percent off on the entire collection be it your favorite dress or suit, Karen Millen has got you covered. 

Is Karen Millen A Luxury Brand?

What made this a global sensation for many people was not just the amazing quality and designs but also how attainable these clothes are. Not only do you get holiday discounts on these clothes, but also generally the prices are reasonable. 

So there is literally nothing stopping you from renewing your wardrobe with these premium quality clothing.

 What is better than discounts by a brand? More discounts by the brand via social media or Karen Millen’s app. When you download the app store, upon signing up you get 15 percent off on your first order. 

Now, this just doubles the excitement for us and for many fashion and affordable luxury lovers. 

Why Did Karen Millen Fail?

The designer Karen Millen sold her empire to the Icelandic Investors in 2004. Later on, in 2017, she was officially declared bankrupt. This all happened due to an unpaid tax bill worth 6 million pounds. 

Later on, a company called Boohoo acquired the brand in 2019 along with Coast as well. 

The brand is still up and running but major of its stores had to close down due to the bankruptcy issue.

The British brand manufactures its clothes in London and China. And even though one might think of the negatives only when it comes to China and the question is about quality, the case is the opposite with the brand. 

Unlike many other fast fashion brands, this premium quality brand makes sure that the production process is strictly monitored in both regions. 

Karen Millen is the kind of brand that gives you an opportunity to revamp your entire closet with something comfortable yet in style without going broke. This is not a common factor that you are getting premium quality clothing for a reasonable price out there. 

So if you want to step up your wardrobe game and still want to stick to your monthly budget, Karen Millen is the brand you need to check out. 

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