You see many luxury brands out there and a lot of them are truly stylish and stick to what is trendy and what’s not. But one thing that some of these luxury brands don’t really have is originality and that’s what makes Jacquemus stand out among them most brands. 

Jacquemus is one of the fanciest and most luxurious brands there is and it stands right among famous brands like Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Prada, and Saint Laurent. The brand is famously known for its unique, intriguing, and interesting designs that gets everyone around excited with every single collection. 

This fashion label was founded back in 2009 by the designer known as Simon Jacquemus who started this fashion line when he was just 20 years of age. Even though the brand has not been around for that long but it has gained a lot of attention and praise due to its unique style sense and social media presence.

The reason why the brand is so popular in current times is because of its social media presence which has been impacting more than 2 million followers of this brand. On Instagram people are in love with the brand and once you talk about famous brands’ Instagram handles, Jacquemus always comes up in the conversation.

The designer Jacquemus is also one of the youngest designers that earned his spot in the Paris Fashion Elite at the age of 22 only. The designs and the patterns here always feature colorfulness, freshness, and boldness that attracts the young generation a great deal. 

The brand’s Instagram is rather categorized as simple and chic looking where everything looks classy with a hint of current trends. People who have a simple yet vibrant taste are very into the kind of brand. 

The clothes here are of high quality and definitely stand out due to their expensive look. And the fact that social marketing is on high focus by the brand so you can see how attractive it is to the masses. 

Why Is Jacquemus So Expensive?

When you buy any clothes or accessories from this brand you are not just paying for the style the brand is known for but also for the high quality you get with every article. The mini bags here are made from genuine leather and are also hand-crafted to achieve the best levels of craftsmanship. 

Most of the products by this brand are made in Italy so that tells a lot about the high quality since Italy-made products have good quality materials. Most of the clothes here are made with genuine linen, cotton, and viscose which makes it the perfect clothing brand that never indulges in synthetic materials.

And since the quality here is top-notch, it is totally worth the money you spend even after saving up for a long time.

Is Jacquemus A Designer Brand?

Yes, Jacquemus is a French designer brand that is known to manufacture top-notch luxury clothing along with a wide collection of accessories to pair your clothes with.

Is Jacquemus A Good Brand?

Jacquemus is a brand that has everything a good luxury brand needs to be. The brand is popular among social media influencers, IG models, and celebrities so that definitely says a lot about the brand. 

Since the social media game of this brand is strong, the brand has a solid platform to reach the masses while depicting its playful and stylish collection.

What Is So Cool About Jacquemus?

The fact that this brand has its own fashion show and for the designer to be this young is definitely a cool factor for this brand. With all the luxury brands out there with more than 100 years of history, Jacquemus has grabbed itself a spot with fame and fortune in such a short period of time.

Since the brand has a target audience of the aged between 16 to 35, it is definitely well-received among the said audience. The designs are playful yet unique and stylish and compliment your style with grace and quality.

The collection comprises ready-to-wear pieces that make it easy for you to select the outfit you like and pair it with the right accessories like the bags here as well.

The brand is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, according to the high price tags. But it is one of the very luxury brands that can elevate your entire wardrobe with something unique. 

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