For fashion lovers, Helmut Lang is definitely not a new name at all. This brand is known for literally reinventing the fashion trends and giving you the precise idea of what it means to wear luxury. 

There are many popular brands and also celebrities that are heavily inspired by this brand like Kanye West, Calvin Klein, and Raf Simmons that can be spotted wearing the outfits from it very frequently. Other than making iconic fashion pieces for the people, the brand is also known for making stuff like footwear, underwear accessories, perfumes, and much more. 

This is definitely one of those brands that have been a popular influence over the last three decades. The brand is named after the famous designer Helmut Lang who aimed to make this brand an icon and minimalist legacy it is today. 

In the 90s, there were not many designers or brands that would focus on a minimalist approach in terms of fashion. Helmut Lang is the only brand that actually pioneered the concept of it and made it possible for his entire collection. 

Streetwear was made high fashion here and along with epic designer jeans with some amazingly modeled bulletproof vests. The brand was founded back in 1986. 

The best and most part of this fashion brand was that the designer didn’t have any sort of design experience whatsoever. And the year the brand was founded was also when the designer of this one had his first-ever fashion show in Paris. 

Later on, the designer collaborated with the famous British stylist Melanie Ward who served as a muse and stylist for the designer for nearly thirteen years. This British designer had an important part in shaping the minimalist idea of the entire collection in the fashion industry. 

Between the time 1990 and 1999, this brand started to produce jeans, underwear, footwear, perfumes, and also accessories. Helmut was also one of the few designers who started placing fashion ads in National Geographic and also some other places. 

What Happened To Helmut?

The brand’s 51 percent share was actually bought by Prada when this brand brought in annual revenue of 100 million dollars. In 2004, the brand was only able to generate a profit of 30 million dollars since Prada had cut down its collection of denim.

Later on, the brand was sold to a company called Japanese Link Theory. The downfall of this brand started happening when Designer Lang decided to depart from his brand and along with the brand it also affected the fellow designers working there already.

In 2017, the brand resurfaced again when it announced the news of its relaunch and to go back to the same old glory and roots it used to have. The sudden changes along with news by the brand started to change its logo of it as well.

Is Helmut Lang Still Popular?

Helmut Lang still exists and to this date, it brings out new looks and types of designs that give you the perfect minimalist look that everyone is raging about these days. From streetwear to casual dresses, you can literally shop for anything here without the fear of missing out on trends. 

The brand has definitely been in news for a lot of reasons and one of them is how its quality of it has been affected ever since the departure of Helmut Lang. The brand used to manufacture every product here in Italy and now they are being produced in China which has affected the quality levels a bit. 

Is Helmut Lang Expensive?

Helmut Lang definitely started out great since the quality was top notch and so were each and every product made here as well. The brand identifies as a luxury brand due to its uniqueness and introducing something new with every collection, but at the moment it is an affordable luxury. 

You can’t afford the brand quite casually but it is definitely not anything like Chanel either. If you are into the mass-produced designs and styles by Helmut then this is the perfect place to shop for the perfect blend of colors a minimal design needs to have. 

The brand is still doing good for itself and it definitely has a loyal fan base even today. You can also shop the clothes here at different retailers and get discounts as well. 

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