Fashion Eyewear, one of the UK’s leading online opticians, was established in 2008. They take great delight in offering their clients the best possible service. 

But the question arises: are they a legit business and brand?

Their user-friendly site offers you a trouble free buying experience, while their courteous customer care team offers you the most efficient and precise optical guidance over the phone.

They specialize in both trendy prescription sunglasses and eyewear. 

As a licenced London optician, they offer you outstanding customer service and premium brands in addition to sharing their extensive knowledge of optometry.

They provide products from the most prestigious brands in the world, like Tom Ford,  Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Dior, Prada, Gucci, Oliver Peoples, Tiffany, Ray-Ban, Dolce & Gabbana, Tag Heuer, and countless more, at low costs. 

They are an authorised shop, and all of the items are 100% authentic and bought from the companies that make the name brands. 

As a result, they can give you the newest styles in eyewear at incredibly inexpensive pricing.

They have two UK stores that you may visit in addition to their online store: one in London and one in Farnborough.

Ordering your prescription sunglasses or glasses should be easy, quick, and stress-free thanks to Fashion Eyewear.

Fashion Eyewear has an in-house optical team that makes custom lenses created for each customer’s prescription and frame needs. 

Whether you initially purchased your spectacles from them or not, Fashion Eyewear can deliver them back to you looking as good as new with their reglazing service for both optical and sunglass lenses.

They provide ethical eyewear from brands like Stella McCartney, Zeal, and Timberland because they care about the influence their business has on society. 

They also have a no-waste policy, which means all packaging and debris is recycled and repurposed in their offices and factories. 

Independent scam detector called Scamadviser gives Fashion Eyewear a 100/100 trustworthiness rating. 

An automated algorithm, Scamadviser determines whether a website is reliable and secure (or not).

They believe it is legitimate and secure for customers to visit

The evaluation of is based on an examination of 40 facts obtained from internet, open sources. 

They gather information from a variety of sources, including if a website is listed on spam and phishing websites, whether it hosts malware, the nation in which the business is situated, reviews located on other websites, and many other details.

You can read the complete report here: Fashioneyewear – scam or legit?

Customers are also very satisfied with the online business.

Many customers have reported fantastic service, with clear dispatch times shown on the website and excellent customer service.

Multiple consumers received their eyewear from Fashion Eyewear. Customers love the pricing and have reportedly saved hundreds of dollars.

78% of consumers have been extremely satisfied with their orders while 11% have reported their dissatisfaction. 

Some customers reported not receiving their orders in the time frame provided on the website, and it actually took more than a month to get their glasses. 

One customer reviewed that after 3 weeks of not having received their order, they were asked to pay money on delivery to receive their order. 

This goes against the shipping policy of Fashion Eyewear as they specifically state that all prices at checkout are final and additional charges are not to be paid on delivery.

However, customers who ordered in-stock items reported received them within 2 weeks and the majority of the reviews rave about the company. 

Even if you do not need prescription glasses and only use frames as an accessory, you will benefit from buying from Fashion Eyewear.

Fashion Eyewear stocks all kinds of glasses, lenses, and frames. Depending on your personal choice and need, you may be able to find exactly what you want. 

They also sell varifocal and single-vision lenses.

Fashion Eyewear has many sustainable options for you to choose from, as well as sustainable and recycled packaging. 

With over 100 brands and countless models in both vision and sunglasses, they undoubtedly have more inventory than your neighborhood optician can fit in one shop.

Additionally, Fashion Eyewear provides all returned prescription glasses to Vision Aid Overseas, a nonprofit organization that works with people from all backgrounds to provide affordable eye care and prescription glasses.

In conclusion, we can definitely see that Fashion Eyewear is a legit brand with a significant online presence and business. 


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