If you love wearing chic and stylish jewelry and always accessorizing your clothes with the latest trend trinkets and charms, then you must have come across the name ‘Factory Direct Jewelry’.

Where is it located?

Factory Direct Jewelry is located in Los Angeles, California, United States.

It deals in all things jewelry whether it is men’s chains and rings or women’s necklaces and diamond bracelets.

It was founded to provide quality jewelry at affordable prices.

It doesn’t just offer imitation jewelry. Among its offerings are:

  •         925 Sterling Silver
  •         10k Yellow, White, and Rose Solid Gold
  •         14k Yellow, White, and Rose Solid Gold

There is something for every budget and every individual taste.

If you’re looking to glam up your party dress, you can always shop for jewelry from here.

Factory Direct Jewelry is also your go-to place if you want to gift someone gold or silver jewelry as their anniversary gift.

Is it good quality?

Every brand has its good and bad days. While many customers praise the brand for providing good-quality products, some even complained online about faulty jewelry items.

The good

Customers have praised the staff to be friendly, courteous, and helping the shoppers with their purchases. The staff was professional and helped promptly with the return or refunds. 

The bad

The brand provides low-cost jewelry. Hence it is possible that the brand is cutting costs and as such its quality will not be the same as that of high-end brands.

One of the customers complained of the ring made of poor quality. The stones were not fitted properly causing discomfort and pain to the fingers.

In addition, the stone embedded in the ring fell out after 30 days which was after the return period so the customer couldn’t return it.

Another customer complained about the 14K gold chain arriving in very poor quality. It was too thin for the price.

Another customer complained that he purchased a 3mm solid gold chain from Factory Direct Jewelry but when he got it checked from another jeweler, it was 2.5 mm.

The price difference was huge, about $200.

However, Factory Direct Jewelry did refund the customer his money.

Another person complained that while he paid extra for rush delivery of the jewelry item, he did not receive it on time.

As a result, he was unable to give a birthday surprise to his daughter.

A few customers complained that Factory Direct Jewelry did not acknowledge receipt of the payment made by them and this created some hassle.

Is it reliable?

When people buy gold and silver jewelry online, many worry about its authenticity.

Of course, there are certain methods with which you can check if the gold and silver jewelry you’ve got is authentic or not. However, that may not be possible when shopping online.

Factory Direct Jewelry knows about this concern of consumers and addresses it.

On its website, the jeweler clearly states that every gold jeweler is required by law to stamp the jewelry.

All the pendants and chains at Factory Direct Jewelry are stamped with appropriate marking.

  •        14K Stamp indicates that the piece is 14 karats gold
  •        10K Stamp indicates that the piece is 10 karats gold
  •        925 Stamp indicates that the piece is 925 sterling silver

Consumers might also be wondering if the jewelry retailer deals in gold-plated jewelry. It doesn’t. 

Factory Direct Jewelry doesn’t have any gold-plated or filled gold jewelry items. They only work with solid gold.

Is it ethical?

It is a good thing when consumers are more aware and care about sustainable fashion.

Usually, when we talk about sustainable or ethical fashion brands, we immediately think of organic cotton or recycled raw materials.

Rarely do we ever think about sustainable jewelry items. A sustainable jewelry brand should use recycled metals or ethically sourced gemstones.

Some other ways in which a brand can build upon sustainable business practices are:

  •         Supporting local communities
  •         Full transparency in business practices
  •         Commitment to zero waste programs
  •         Using energy resources efficiently
  •         Providing fair wages

When we go to Factory Direct Jewelry’s website, we see no such mention of environmental conservation.

The jewelry retailer does not show its commitment to any zero-waste programs. Neither does it mention anything about its suppliers of stones and metals.

The only information publicly available about the brand is that it makes its jewelry locally in its factory located in downtown Los Angeles.

A brand can try to be ethical in more ways too. For a brand to be ethical, it should

  •         Act morally
  •         Consider social, economic, and environmental responsibilities
  •         Have honesty, integrity, and accountability
  •         Create value for the customers

Let’s see if Factory Direct Jewelry fulfills these criteria.

Returns and exchange

Factory Direct Jewelry tries to satisfy its customers as much as possible. It offers a 30-day return policy.

If the customers aren’t satisfied with the jewelry item, they can even return the items within 30 days of purchase.  


Factory Direct Jewelry tries its best to provide customers with the best quality jewelry items. It offers a 1-year warranty against all defects in manufacturing.

Hence, the customers can rest assured that the brand is fully accountable, and the customers will get their money’s worth when purchasing from here.

The jewelry retailer closely inspects all jewelry before shipping it out. Still, if any jewelry item is found defective or suffers from a defect within 1 year, Factory Direct Jewelry will take care of it.

Is it lead and nickel free?

All of its products are nickel-free except white gold products. They contain small amounts of nickel.


Factory Direct Jewelry has mixed reviews. It has both positive and negative reviews. If you are buying from there, be sure to check out all the reviews before buying any expensive gold or silver jewelry.


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