Eshakti is a well-established Indian fashion brand that offers customized designer clothes for women.

It is an e-commerce company well known for its safe, clean, and well-paying working conditions and has maintained its standards by committing to ethical manufacturing.

All of its clothes are manufactured in India. Eshakti is a customer-led brand that prioritizes sustainable manufacturing with no waste.

It is an ideal place to look for custom-made clothes according to the needs of the customer.

In this article, we will discuss the quality of the clothes they offer as well as their pricing. We’ll also discuss the brand’s policies and shipment and help you decide if it’s worth buying from, so make sure you read till the end!

A Brief History

BG Krishnan founded Eshakti in 2001 in Chennai, India.

Although based in India, Eshakti mostly caters to the US market with its headquarters in New York and offers a variety of standard and custom-made fashion apparel as per the market trends.

Founder Krishnan believed that the internet would have a big influence on businesses in the future, therefore, naming his company Eshakti, which means “the power of the internet” in Hindi.

Even though it’s primarily an Indian-based brand, the reason behind starting off in the USA was that it was more ready for e-commerce businesses and offered a relatively bigger market for designer clothes.

They started off by selling lifestyle clothing for women in the US when Krishnan noticed the demand for variations in sizes and shapes of clothes.

Hence, he came up with a better solution and Eshakti soon started offering customization of clothes to the customers to capture the designer market.

Customizing sizes and styles of its clothes according to the requirements of the customer is what makes Eshakti stand out among other clothing brands in the market.

In 2011, Eshakti raised funding of approximately $3 million to launch another sister brand in India that goes by the name Zapelle.

Its offices are located in Gurugram, Noida, and Chennai. Zapelle offers customizable western wear clothes in India.

What Makes Eshakti Successful?

Eshakti is the only clothing brand that makes clothes to size and style according to customer requirements.

Another factor that contributes to its success is that it can adjust rapidly to market trends.

Their manufacturing culture and employee satisfaction make it possible for them to launch new products in less than three working days.

Eshakti makes sure of the well-being of its employees, which motivates them to work full-heartedly for the company.

Its design team in New York is known to be well-paid which results in beneficial outputs for the company as employees are encouraged to work harder with fair compensation.

Not only does it offer customization on style and sizes, but customers are allowed to choose the fabric to their liking as well. Clearly, Eshakti does not compromise on satisfying the needs of its customers.

Products and Services

For an e-commerce company, it is very crucial to offer an easy interface for customers to order their clothes online. website has navigational drop-down menus for different clothes and fabrics.

It has separate sections for its Artisinal and Denim Collections. You can also filter the products displayed as per seasonal requirements.

Moreover, there are separate sections each for dresses, tops, bottoms, jackets, and jumpsuits, making it the perfect online store to shop.

Sales and Discounts

Eshakti offers a 30% discount for your first order gaining immediate customer attention. Eshakti also offers seasonal and annual sales.

This makes Eshakti an all-in-one store where fashion apparel of the required quality and style is available at your doorstep.

Gift cards, discount codes, and coupons are also rewarded to the customers who have proven themselves most loyal to the brand.

The Fit Guarantee Program

Eshakti realizes how hectic choosing clothes that fit can be.

Therefore, they ensure that their customers get a perfect fit in their first order.

In case of an issue, the company takes responsibility and, with the help of their skilled pattern makers, creates a perfect fit for their customers through a free remake and free shipment policy.

They require photographs of their customer wearing their best-fit clothing and their body measurements to make adjustments accordingly.

Payments & Shipment

Eshakti delivers its custom-made clothes within 13-17 days. For Denim products, they require 28 days to deliver the order to your door.

It only delivers in the US and also reserves the right to cancel the order within three days of receiving the order.

The minimum order value should be $20 to place an order. All transactions are processed in US Dollars. They only allow one gift coupon to be used per order.

Payments through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal are accepted.

Payment is processed after an order confirmation email has been received by the customer.

For canceling your order, email [email protected] within 24 hours of receiving the order confirmation email.

Eshakti also accepts returns within 30 days of receiving your order.

Eshakti’s Reviews

Statistics show that most customers are satisfied with the services offered by Eshakti.

Eshakti has a consumer rating of 4.75 stars and is ranked 18th among Women’s Clothing brands.

A few such reviews by satisfied customers are shown.

  1. I’ve bought twice now a bunch of face masks from them, love the adjustable ear straps, nose wire, and neckband! They are high quality, and once shipped, it comes within days even though they are international! And they have GREAT customer service. Will be recommending it to everyone.
  2. I was interested to see an ad for shakti pop up on my feed but quite distrustful. After researching reviews, I decided to order one thing to test them out. The dress I ordered arrived promptly, is well made, fits perfectly, and is very flattering. The package came with a little note and some discount tickets for my friends and a tape measure. I have had a lot of compliments, and I’m very happy with my purchase.
  3. Since they have a 30% discount for the first order, I decided to try them out. The dress fits me perfectly, the quality is outstanding, and the customer service is excellent. I will order from them again since I am very satisfied with the quality and fitting.
  4. My experience with eShakti has gone above and beyond my expectations. Every time I go to an event, I get so many compliments on my eShakti dresses.
  5. I would give them ten stars if I could. I’ve been shopping with eShakti now for a few years, and I’ve never had a bad experience. Their customer service team is amazing.

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