In this age of the internet people still believe in subscribing to magazines and other print media for information. Not that you can’t find information on the internet, but magazines are like a classic look that everyone likes. 

Elle is a fashion magazine that is available in both print and online form. This magazine was founded by a Paris-raised and Russian-born journalist known as Helene Lazareff in 1945. 

This was the time when the French capital was in a state of war and the founder of Elle returned to her hometown after staying in New York City for several years. The main idea behind coming up with a magazine was to create a women’s magazine to give the current women a diverse approach to the changing trends of life. 

Ever since its inception, Elle has been known to provide women exclusive access to modern fashion and beauty trends in the industry. So, basically, this magazine was run by women, formed, and is for women of the present day. 

As a magazine, Elle has always been with independent perspectives of life and has its own convictions. So in a way, Elle was able to make fashion a democratic subject for women who wanted to pursue it that way. 

Other than the fact it started out local, this magazine had an international rollout in 1985 in the United States. And now, Elle is the international and world’s most famous fashion magazine there is. 

Elle has always been about style and how it affects the life of a woman. Be it traveling, art, music, food, love life, technology, and cars, it is all going to be about style and how a woman wants it to work. 

With such strong grounds to begin with, in the 80s Elle launched its first-ever ready-to-wear collection, and this one debuted in Japan at the time. This was just the beginning of so many other collections to come. 

Is Elle A Luxury Brand?

Elle is definitely a high-end and popular brand and a fashion magazine on top of it, so the high status is kind of given. The brand does categorize itself the same as Hermes or Louis Vuitton. 

The brand definitely has a strong place in telling what are the current trends in fashion and also is known for highlighting important issues regarding women empowerment.

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