Eddie Bauer is a clothing brand based in the United States. It is a well-known retailer of high-quality apparel, sportswear, and outdoor gear.

Eddie Bauer started this company in Seattle, Washington, in 1921. The headquarters is in Bellevue, Washington. It has a revenue of US $1 billion.

Eddie Bauer markets their products through retail stores, outlet stores, and online stores.

They have nearly 370 stores in three countries: the United States, Canada, and Germany.

Check out this short post to find out whether or not Eddie Bauer is a reputable clothing brand.

Would shopping at Eddie Bauer be a good choice? Let’s find out.

Is Eddie Bauer A Reputable Brand?

Yes! Eddie Bauer is a reputable and worthy brand.

It is an excellent place to shop for high-quality clothing at a reasonable price.

Even though it isn’t the most popular or well-known brand for clothing, they offer a large collection of fine products and long-lasting apparel that people have loved for years.

Positive Attributes

Here are some positive attributes of Eddie Bauer:

  • You can rely on Eddie Bauer because they employ some of the best scientists and outdoor professionals in their working team to ensure that their products are well-made and of high quality.
  • Eddie Bauer focuses on every body shape and size while designing their clothes.

They try to make them as fit as possible: neither too tight nor too loose, so that people of all body types may feel comfortable wearing them and look and feel confident in their clothing.

  • Materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester are used to make Eddie Bauer’s quality products.

They also volunteer for unprofitable organizations like “Trees for the future.”

  • Eddie Bauer’s clothing is extremely comfortable and long-lasting, and it is meant to keep you warm even in the toughest winter season.
  • They also provide a full guarantee on their clothing. If it does not suit you, you may return it for a full refund.
  • Eddie Bauer’s best feature is that they offer every size, every style, and every color in their collection, whether for men or women, boys or girls, or toddlers. You can find everything for everyone in your family.

Customer Services & Policies

If you are not satisfied with your purchase and would like to return or exchange it, kindly return it in its original condition, together with the receipt.

You can return your item anytime within a year and receive a full refund.

Note: The receipt is required for any exchange or return. Without it, no exchanges or refunds will be accepted.

Your order will be delivered to you within 3 to 6 business days anywhere in the United States.

It’ll take two weeks for any delivery to APO/FPO addresses and U.S. Territories.

Note: Eddie Bauer does not ship outside of the United States.

Free delivery is available for orders above $49.

Other shipping costs range from:

$7.99 for orders up to $50 to $17.99 for orders up to $170.


Following are a few customer reviews that support Eddie Bauer’s positive attributes.

  1. “The gentleman helped us and provided the best service I have had in store in a very long time.”
  2. “Wicked awesome deals on Eddie Bauer items here at this outlet. I highly recommend stopping in to see what is in stock and will watch your eyes”.
  3. “Great prices, great gear, and great service.”
  4. “Excellent shop, helpful and friendly staff, and very good deals.”
  5. “This place is AMAZING! The staff are so helpful, the store is organized very well, and the sales are absolutely incredible”.

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