Dorothy Perkins sounds like a very hoity-toity brand that caters to women with small waists and that’s about it. Well, that is partially true as the brand targets women as its audience and is an expert in women’s wear. 

The brand started off as “Ladies Hosiery and Underwear Limited” back in 1909. In 1939, the brand finally started with the trading name we all are now familiar with that is Dorothy Perkins.

This name was actually suggested by the brand’s director’s wife (thank God) and was named after a British rambling rose. 

In 2021 the brand was purchased by Boohoo and is still operating in the UK. This is a multinational brand that specializes in women’s clothing for all sizes. So if you are petite or plus size, then you need to check out Dorothy Perkins now. 

The brand has a wide range of its own clothes and also sells branded goods as well. Most of the other items are also fashion-based like accessories and shoes that you might find in every store it has. 

Is Dorothy Perkins A Luxury Brand?

Dorothy Perkins is definitely a multinational brand that has gained popularity due to its street smart clothing that everyone wants to have. But the brand is not a luxury one. 

People can easily afford the clothes here and the main goal of accessibility of the brand is successfully achieved. There is a wide range of different types of clothing you would find here. Like from dresses to shirts to pants and undergarments, everything you can find to complete your on-the-spot look and also your closet.  

The brand can have high prices since it does sell other brands which do have different price tags other than the brand. 

It is a well-known brand like Forever 21 but definitely not something that you would consider as a luxury or even high end. The quality of the clothing is mediocre and can last for a season but that’s about it. 

Who Owns Dorothy Perkins Now?

In 2021 women’s wear brand was sold to Boohoo as a sole entity. The brand is still up and running and the clothing line is still intact. 

Is Dorothy Perkins A Good Brand?

If you want to shop for the season then definitely it is a good brand to shop at. But the only downside of it is the size chart is a bit messed up around here.

You can get from size 4 to 22 here but some people still complain about its fittings, especially people with curves. 

This kind of downside makes it difficult for many shoppers to look at Dorothy Perkins and think of it as the hot spot for seasonal wardrobe shopping. The brand is definitely trying to work on this issue but so far the complaints are still rising every day. 

The reason why people still shop from Dorothy Perkins is that it holds items from other brands as well. So this actually works out for the best for customers who need variety and quality. 

Although the brand’s own clothing line, according to Reddit, is repetitive and not good enough as compared to Forever 21. 

People do have mixed feelings about Dorothy Perkins. As compared to other daily women’s wear brands in the United Kingdom, the brand is doing much better than any other. 

The quality is better for the price points you see here and if they are affordable you can definitely buy more with every visit. This makes it a budget-friendly spot for people with a dash of good quality. 

The fabric used is comfortable and breathable so the comfort point of wearing these clothes is not a problem. If you are interested in buying undergarments from here you definitely can but with your intimates, you need to look out for better quality. 

So we would suggest going for a high-end quality brand if it comes to undergarment shopping for you. They last longer and you don’t want to compromise your comfort at any cost with your intimates. 

Dorothy Perkins is the kind of brand that is casual to shop but not something that adds value to the wardrobe necessarily. You can have much better quality clothing than you get here but the quality and prices are definitely higher. 

So if something is budget-friendly and slightly better quality for the money spent too, then why not go for it and make shopping easier for you and your family? 

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