Many people who shop religiously and are fond of bags often raise questions about handbags at DKNY. DKNY without a doubt is the most popular and known brand when it comes to wearability and luxury combined in a brand. 

From the high quality of knits to the fine silks, DKNY has surely done it all and continued to evolve with time and to remain in reach of almost every kind of consumer. 

But there are way too many factors that contribute for a brand to be good. DKNY is famous for their bags but are they really good that you would prefer them over any other brand out there?

Mainly DKNY does not really identify as a luxury brand is nothing like what Dior or Gucci is. But at the same time it is way above the high fashion brands that are affordable like H&M and Gap. 

The bags here are nothing revolutionary or something that you won’t see anywhere else but it is the consistency of what people are fan of. The designs are interesting and new sometimes but most of the time they get a sense of general likability from everyone around the world.

These bags suit almost everyone and they keep up with the kind of style, be it casual or formal, you want them to work with. Same goes for the clothing here that would fit almost every body type and everyone’s individual style as well. 

History Of DKNY

DKNY is a New York based brand that was founded by Donna Karan in 1984. The founder of this brand was an American designer who started with brands like Anne Klein. 

The founder of this brand always had accessible fashion ideas in her and that is how she came up with DKNY. Another important aspect that was priority was the practicality of these bags being made here because as far as New York is concerned, women here are always busy and on the go. 

With time the brand kind of branched out into different areas like clothing and different accessories. When it comes to the ranking of luxury brands that are affordable too, DKNY stands at 26 position on the list while having a secure position at the New York fashion week.

If we talk about the ranking and status of this brand among others, the brand has also been labelled as ‘inbetweener’ of different kinds. Many bags that you see here even if they were categorised as exclusive in the stores, they would have the price tags of 300 dollars maximum which doesn’t make the brand a luxury at all. 

But the main point of interest for this brand has always been the quality of the products being sold. 

Are Handbags At DKNY Good?

This brand has a wide selection of bags available in every size and color. From crossbody to totes, all the bags here have the signature DKNY mock flap design at the front.

But if you are not into logos on a bag especially, then you won’t probably like these bags as the front of them is filled with the label’s logo. The quality overall is pretty good but again for an affordable brand, it is nothing out of this world either. 

These affordable luxury types of bags can be found at the price tag of 500 dollars maximum which is kind of affordable if you compare it to Louis Vuitton or Dior in general.  

When you read the reviews online, you would find out that these bags kind of don’t last that long either. They can be easily damaged after just a couple of months. 

Of course then this brand would sound like a waste of money to you but there is absolutely no compulsion at all. You can go out and buy yourself something that has good reviews online and actually looks sturdy in front of you as well.

But we would recommend that you check out the original thing first before just believing the online reviews only. Everyone has their own experience and you might have yours different too. 

Are DKNY Accessories Any Good?

There is almost everything that you can find here without a doubt from clothing to different accessories, DKNY has got you. For example the watches here are a good seller and since they are affordable, then why not.

The prices of these watches are from 100 dollars to 200 maximum and they are a real treat for those who love the look of it but not so much about the time telling features. These watches are available in different designs, colors, and also for both men and women. 

And we simply can’t forget about the 1992 fragrance collection launched by this brand that has ever since the inception filled the fan base with joy and excitement. The most popular and the best seller fragrance by this brand is Be Delicious.

It has top notes of magnolia, apple, and sandalwood. And if you are more nature loving, you would love almost every fragrance available here.

In short, DKNY may not be the best brand out there quality wise but it definitely has something to offer to everyone with every kind of budget. Is it a good brand for handbags, that is a relative question with the answer dependent on how it has been serving you lately. 

The brand is at a questionable position now in terms of popularity. There are people who still shop from here but definitely most people are attracted to good quality options that also gives then affordability, with gold designs and style so it is really a matter of personal preference now. 

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