Looking for a good outdoor apparel brand that provides every option you could need? Well, Columbia is the one you visit. It is an American brand that deals with outdoor wear, sportswear, and different kinds of footwear as well.

the brand was founded by two Germans in Oregon in 1938 and it started off by selling hats first. And since the brand got famous for its hats it slowly started to tap into outdoor clothes and different footwear.

Columbia is considered a good reliable brand that has, over the years, opted for innovation and has evolved with every kind of technology. You get the best outdoor apparel options here and there have been so many unchanging customers of this one and it keeps growing.

Columbia has been evolving with time and continuously impresses with its styles and fashion aesthetic. You can see that the products here are beautifully crafted with the best quality that you can get. 

The main reason other than quality is that people are into this brand, here are super affordable price points. At the moment, the brand is managed by two nephews and Tim Boyle.

Is Columbia Really Good Quality?

Every product here is manufactured with original and authentic materials that not only look good but are also very comfortable for the consumers. You see the best use of the latest techniques and innovative methods delivering the best products that also live up to current fashion needs. 

There is a beautiful blend of classic and latest designs that has made this one everyone’s favourite with time. If you spend more and more time outdoors you definitely would have heard of this brand, especially about its footwear. 

There are all kinds of shoes available here like winter and hiking boots, outdoor gear and sportswear for sports fanatics. While buying these kinds of products from anywhere for that matter, you do expect longevity and durability and that is exactly what Columbia has to offer.

Is This Brand Worth The Money?

Once you go shopping for anything, you need to be aware of what a brand has to offer and is the quality is good or not. Columbia is worth its brand since it offers you a wide range of different products and the quality is top-notch as well. 

The quality is not only sturdy but also the clothes and footwear here for the weather are waterproof so that you don’t have any issues when it is a rainy day. The waterproof and windproof material makes it a lot easier to travel in damp, wet, and cold environments.

The outer material on the jackets and boots here protects you from the cold and keeps you warm so that you feel comfortable during your journey. You don’t see many brands offering you these kinds of features and Columbia to this date remains a relevant brand for everyone even fashion-wise. 

Are Columbia Jackets Affordable?

Columbia is an affordable brand overall especially when it comes to sportswear. There are other products too like outdoor gear that are categorised as affordable too. 

The jackets here though might be a bit more as compared to the rest of the store but still, the prices are moderate. You can always get jackets for affordable pricing too since there are such options as well that would suit your budget. 

The most expensive jacket that you would get here is called the Titanium Parka jacket which is the perfect option for any kind of weather you are in. And even if you don’t get this expensive jacket, all jackets here are designed to keep you warm, dry, and even cool depending on the type of jacket you go for. 

Are Columbia Boots Any Good?

Boots are versatile footwear you don’t just wear them for hiking in the mountains. You can even pair them daily with jeans and even a skirt as long as they look good and are of good quality as well.

So you can see so many brands in the market that make boots that are not only sturdy but also stylish so that they can go with every outfit. Columbia here is also not missing out on the stylish and comfortable part when it comes to their boots. 

So if you want some boots for hiking or a fun evening hangout with your friends, Columbia offers you a wide range of boots to select from. The boots here are very affordable so basically, you get a perfect combination of style, and comfort that too in your budget.

There are not many brands that offer you the same. The boots here fit perfectly and are perfect for taking long walks on any kind of surface, so here is another reason why you should consider Columbia for your boots.

Is Columbia Sustainable?

Columbia is a  popular brand and it grows with time. Another reason why you should like this brand is that it is sustainable and uses recyclable materials in the making of ita clothes and other products.

The brand has claimed that it does its level best to deliver the best considering sustainable practices. But so far there is no evidence available on whether the claims are true or not. 

So, if you are conscious about living a clean life even when it comes to fashion, you can always check out other brands too. 

You don’t get many affordable options when it comes to outdoor products. So, Columbia is one of those brands on which you can count and shop from their stores and website as well. 

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