Calvin Klein has been around for a while now and we all know that it has been doing good so far as a brand. 

Founded in 1968, Calvin Klein is without a doubt the most popular brand there is around the globe and there is a wide range of products like jewellery, clothes, perfumes, home furniture, and so much more.

When you go up to people and ask them about this brand, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is the undergarments by this brand. Calvin Klein is known for their underwear and due to the amazing marketing, they are quite popular.

Another reason why this brand is known for its underwear is because of some big celebrities being part of the campaigns here. Jenny of South Korean girl band, Black Pink, is an ambassador of this brand’s underwear line, so you know it is popular.

But falling for a brand because it is popular and most of the people are going for shouldn’t be the only merit you should hold before buying it. People do question the quality levels here and so far there are very few complaints you ever get to hear.

Calvin Klein is known for their good quality clothes be it apparel or underwear, it is going to be comfortable and long-lasting. Most of the brands that are popular too mostly survive on great marketing campaigns and sometimes that could be deceiving too.

Here at Calvin Klein that is not the case though. The creators here make sure that you get the best there is and showcase it with some creative ideas too with every launch.

Their jeans are a popular item here and they are also good quality. Easy to glide in and fits you perfectly since there is a huge range of sizes and styles available here for everyone.

They are a bit expensive, like more than 100 dollars which is a bit much for jeans. But again you get good quality, would last you longer than you think, and the variety so that kind of makes up for the price tag sometimes.

Is Calvin Klein Affordable?

This question depends on everyone’s financial situation or budget for shopping. Calvin Klein is not very affordable but not too expensive, so basically this is a mid-range brand when it comes to prices.

The clothes here are a bit more expensive than something that you would see at GAP or Target and it is high-end as compared to Jack and Jones. But at the same time, the brand is nowhere near Gucci or Prada so you technically don’t have to worry that much.

If there is a recent launch, let’s say at the start of a season, then you would have to pay the premium pricing on the seasonal stuff. And if you are a fan with a low budget, you can always wait for the discounts that happen during mid-season and that is how you get affordable deals here. 

There are other retailers too where you can get Calvin Klein products easily if you don’t have one in your neighbourhood. Amazon is a pretty good example where you can find different Calvin Klein products easily and that too at low cost. 

You would be surprised at the kind of brands you can get on Amazon for such good and affordable prices. But you rarely find something that says Gucci or Dior but the likes of Calvin Klein are always available here. 

Is Calvin Klein A Sustainable Brand?

This is probably one of the most important questions that you could have because the fashion industry has a lot to do with our environment too. This happens mainly via production, use of plastic, and transportation methods.

In recent years, many brands have opted for more and more sustainable practices for their business. You can now get so many options in the market that are making a difference too. 

Calvin Klein is trying its best to make sure that there is less environmental impact with the production of the products here. In a recent statement, the brand claimed that it is trying to reduce the use of single-use plastic in its products and by 2030 it would be reducing its footprint as well.

These measures are good but with the kind of big brand here things could be done faster too. And even though the brand is trying, the efforts don’t cover every product within the time frame given.

And there is no evident information on the sustainable practices happening by the brand. This is not very transparent and creates doubt among the huge customer base the brand has. 

The brand still uses leather, wool and some other animals first too so it is a shame since the brand is big and not fulfilling the claims, to begin with. 

Is It A Good Brand?

Honestly, it depends on what you call a good brand. Your criteria could end on quality and style only but some people consider each aspect of a brand before deciding to buy it.

You can always try and look for other brands too since there is a lot that Calvin Klein still needs to work on. There is a gradual change like the body positivity campaigns but certainly, there is room for a lot. 

So, if you want to shop you can always check out Calvin Klein as an option and their seasonal launches are a must-have. You can pop into their store or website and get the goodies delivered to your house.

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