A big chunk of who we are is defined by what we wear. Often we use clothing to express and distinguish ourselves from everyone else.

The modern-day fashion industry offers tons of different styles, designs, fabrics, and colors in clothing to fill your wardrobe.

This apparel-producing industry has become one of the largest growing corporations today. It influences social behaviors and plays a vital role in environmental factors too.

In the past few decades, mass production of chic and cheap clothing has become an unbroken trend. This is known as fast fashion. With time, many fashion labels have emerged that sell inexpensive up-to-date clothing. One of these brands is ASOS.

And yes, ASOS is totally legit. The brand believes in catering to its customers foremost. Their ambition is to create a discrimination-free world. Where we are free from the judgy eyes of society and can be anyone we want to be.

In this article, we will inspect what makes ASOS unique. Additionally, we will help you resolve the dilemma of whether to shop here or not. This article considers the brand’s quality, range, and much more. So read on to learn more!

Is ASOS a reliable brand?

ASOS is a British clothes retailer that started in the 2000s. ASOS is an acronym for – As Seen on Screen. Their primary goal was to attract teenagers and young adults.

They had this brilliant idea of incorporating trendy film clothing into real life. They chose articles from classic hits and introduced them into their own stores.

Today, ASOS also makes unique clothing. They facilitate the sale of fashionable goods. Their loyalty to their customers is overwhelming. They offer almost 30 sizes so that everyone can have their own unique fit and look great.

ASOS is recognized as an e-commerce pioneer worldwide. It has a huge fan base of loyal customers from all over the world. In the last decade, their sales have nearly tripled. This is reflective of how content their consumers are with the product.

They are also avid promoters of body positivity. To empower their models they have introduced a Model Welfare policy for increased model autonomy. ASOS works with tons of models and knows that each body is unique.

ASOS believes that we should be confident in our own skin and trust our natural bodies.

Furthermore, ASOS gives power to its workers by ensuring that their voices are heard; plus their rights are protected. The safety and health of their workers are their utmost priority, and nor do they cut wages.

They also want to keep a cruelty-free environment for all their workers. Asos has been keen on ending child labor and modern slavery risks too.

In addition, ASOS has switched to developing sustainable, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and animal-free products for a long time now.

The manufacturers recognize the risks associated with the mass development of clothing. They are working to ensure that the adverse effects produced by garment manufacturers are reduced.

They have fulfillment centers in the UK, USA, and different parts of Europe. The biggest fulfillment center is in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. The store is involved in selling over 850 premium brands and even cosmetics.

Does ASOS Sell fake brands?

ASOS is a globally well-recognized retailer that produces and sells the best quality of goods.

This west-based company has many of its own exclusive collections such as the ASOS design, ASOS edition, and ASOS white, ASOS made-in, ASOS 4505.

To increase their inventory and become suitable to the needs of their customers, they have also included real-time premium brands such as Nike, Adidas, Converse Puma, Polo Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and much more.

They also collaborate with various fashion designers and companies or brands to make unique pieces that are not available elsewhere. Some examples include Crayola, The Simpsons, LaQuan Smith, GLAAD, etc.

Through their own online store – ASOS Marketplace, the brand facilitates easy buying of many clothing and accessories. This marketplace is like a big e-bazaar where hundreds of brand labels have settled their shops and are calling you to buy their products.

This is very convenient because you do not have to scout through a bunch of websites to get premium quality aesthetic-looking apparel.

In a way, ASOS ends the buying of knock-offs and fake brands. Asos always consistently delivers the best products.

Is ASOS a fast fashion brand?

ASOS is inarguably a fast-fashion brand. It relies on catwalks or celebrity-worn famous garments and then produces them so that they can appeal to the masses.

Making fast fashion sustainable is not easy. Mass production of clothing usually results in unsold ones being disposed of. These then contribute to landfills as they are mostly not biodegradable.

However, what makes ASOS indifferent from other fast fashion brands is that it has started practicing methods of sustainability and eco-friendliness.

ASOS has started making its products from plant-based sources so that even if the need for disposal arises, the materials are at least biodegradable.

Another positive step includes using recycled materials such as cotton in their fabrics and plastics in packaging. The use of electric vans for delivering goods also aids in reducing carbon footprint.

Is ASOS similar to Shein?

Shein is also a super popular Chinese online retail store that sells primarily clothing goods and accessories. In essence, both products are retailers with a fast-fashion concept of production and selling.

But what differentiates ASOS from Shein is the unmatchable and consistent quality of the product that it provides.

Of course, Shein has lower prices, but the quality of their goods is described as “trash” by many consumers. Their replacement policy also sucks their customer quality services are way behind ASOS.

Another differentiating factor is the work environment and sustainability of ASOS and Shein. The Chinese retail store has been criticized highly for its environment-harming ways of production and using cheap unjust labor.

Shein has been found to steal design ideas from well-known influencers and even small-time fashion designers. They have also been known to knock off some brands.

Which is better, ASOS or H&M?

Recent statistics show that H&M is being overtaken by ASOS. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, ASOS e-stores offer a very user-oriented website. That sorts tons of brands in a convenient and manageable way. It also has a save-for-later option which is very convenient.

Secondly, ASOS offers a lot of discounts. But the lower price does not mean that quality is compromised. It provides the best quality of goods on the market.

Final Thoughts on ASOS-

ASOS is a developing e-store it fully recognizes the needs of its customers. This consumer-friendly and patron appreciation attitude has made it a reliable and dear retailer globally.

They offer tons of versatile designs for men and women at a super affordable price. The quality of the fabric is unrivaled. This explains why if consumers have shopped at ASOS, they keep coming back.


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