All the jewelry connoisseurs at some point in their shopping experience have come across Tiffany & Co jewelry brand and might even have bought some.

Tiffany is an old name in the business and it is a well-known name when it comes to quality jewelry and accessories. 

Although there have been numerous times when this brand simply nailed the art of jewelry making, at the same time it doesn’t always take the crown at the end of the day. Tiffany has had a fair share of a bad reputation on its account in the past years. 

Tiffany, to this date, specializes in making the best wedding and engagement jewelry and people do love getting the perfect ring from here as well. But with all the other types of jewelry being available here, you need to know what you are getting yourself into while shopping at Tiffany’s. 

It’s been almost two centuries that Tiffany has been making and selling jewelry and is known for its iconic blue box with white ribbon. We all remember Audrey Hepburn’s breakfast debuting at Tiffany’s and so it was also a popular reference. 

With more than 180 years in the business, Tiffany has definitely been true to amazing and luxurious jewelry. The designs here are detailed and give you the best expensive jewelry experience that also shows the high quality of the brand all these years. 

Another reason why people are a fan is that other than buying a piece of jewelry it is all in the brand’s name that sells value. After the movie Breakfast At Tiffany’s, this brand became immensely popular among the public. 

Over the years, the factor that really made Tiffany stand out among others was the attention to detail and excellent levels of craftsmanship. Tiffany for many people is still the first choice if they are looking for expensive diamond jewelry that has fine design and details and in short looks and is expensive. 

You can find unique jewelry pieces here within the range of bracelets, rings, necklaces, and so much more that is there to accessorize. The brand makes jewelry out of diamonds and many other semi-precious stones that come with an expensive blend of creative cuts and designs. 

You can find these jewels in a blend of silver, gold, white gold, and platinum. This brand does make expensive jewelry but the question is why is it so expensive? What Tiffany does do that makes it stand out among all the other high-end jewelry brands?

The jewelry here is actually manufactured very cheaply in Switzerland but with the importation of other materials, there are a lot of costs involved. For example the taxes, the VAT, and duties on these imported items. 

Therefore when you see high prices on jewelry pieces and other accessories, it is also because of that. People are attracted to this brand mainly because it is such a hyped-up cultural phenomenon and name that everyone wants a piece. 

People who can afford it go for it frequently but most of the time you would see middle-class people shopping here for special occasions only. The craftsmanship and the quality of the brand have resulted in some timeless pieces. 

You can easily count on the quality here because once you get something from here, it is going to last you years or maybe even ages for that matter. 

Is Tiffany Jewelry Worth Anything?

For Tiffany jewelry being so expensive, it has a lot to do with how it is being marketed. You see so many famous celebrities’ faces with this brand that even if you don’t want to, you end up thinking about shopping here one day in your life at least. 

Being famous sells these days and management at Tiffany does understand that quite well. For some, the brand is simply overpriced and hyped for no reason at all. 

That may be true for some parts but it all depends on what you can afford. Tiffany & Co has always been an expensive brand and with time they have given people some stellar designs and styles in jewelry and accessories. 

If you can afford it you would definitely want to go for it any time of the year. But with the beautiful engagement rings and wedding jewelry, Tiffany has become more of a special place for everyone to shop for that one ring or necklace for their loved ones.

How Much Is Tiffany Silver Worth?

Tiffany is known to use the best quality sterling silver in jewelry making and even sells stand-alone products of it. Since overall the prices of jewelry here are pretty expensive, sterling silver is no exception at all. 

The price of silver jewelry here can start from 800 dollars to easily 3000 dollars and this includes rings, necklaces, and many other accessories. 

How Much Is Tiffany Necklace Worth?

Tiffany has a huge variety of necklaces available that are made of silver, gold, platinum, diamonds, and many other precious stones. The prices are very different for each one of these types but are still expensive. 

A simple gold necklace can cost you around 900 dollars easily and the prices go up from here. If we talk about some signature necklaces like the iconic Tiffany’s necklace worn by Lady Gaga and now brands face Beyonce, it costs 30 million dollars. 

That is definitely just one of the most expensive diamond necklaces that you can find and is owned by Tiffany. 

There is definitely no compulsion that you should shop from Tiffany if you can’t afford it. But Tiffany is a place where people save up for incredible pieces of jewelry for their loved ones, so it is definitely worth a shot.

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