If you are looking up famous jewelry brands and Swarovski pops up then it is definitely nothing to be surprised about. Swarovski is without a doubt one of the most popular and expensive jewelry brands there is in the world. 

This jewelry brand has been in the game for more than a century now. Swarovski has a swan logo which is a signature and is known in almost every part of the world and how amazing their crystal jewelry, chandeliers, and miniatures are. 

This is an Austrian jewelry brand that was launched in 1895 and they specialize in jewelry made out of crystals mainly. Swarovski crystals are known for making lead glass, accessories, and jewelry. 

Swarovski also deals with the optics business but mainly with crystals and it has more than 3000 stores in almost 170 countries in the world. The business of this brand is still going successfully and it is still the best option to go for some amazing jewelry pieces. 

The best part of shopping at Swarovski crystals is that it offers jewelry in almost every price range and that obviously has different quality levels as well. That is another reason why it is so popular that almost everyone can shop here. 

The jewelry pieces here have a great quality that comes with sparkles and shine and it definitely would last you for a long, long time.

There are different materials that are used at Swarovski to manufacture crystals like sand, quartz, minerals, and also lead that enable the brand to make some durable jewelry and give them a shine that some of the crystals naturally don’t have. 

Some people do feel surprised when they see lead inclusion in the crystals. Swarovski includes almost 32 percent of lead in the making of its crystals so that much-needed refraction can be obtained from the crystals. 

Lead inclusion also helps with the durability and high quality of the crystals in order to make the best jewelry.

However, in the current times, Swarovski has minimized the use of lead in its crystals and it is only about .009 percent which is honestly equivalent to nothing. 

The different colors of crystals that you see here are done by a chemical process and they can last a lifetime if taken care of properly. 

Crystals naturally tend to tarnish and Swarovski crystals are no different from the natural process.

These crystals are very durable but to keep them like that for a long time they must be kept away from physical damage. 

You should not keep the crystal jewelry in the direct heat or sunlight for a long time and keeping them clean regularly is the key to keeping the shine and quality intact. 

People who intend to shop here and have gotten their first-ever Swarovski crystal jewelry should definitely keep the tarnish point that happens to every crystal out there.

The chemical coating on the crystals here tends to tarnish easily as compared to natural crystals. 

Try not to expose the crystals to too much sweat, perfume, or even washing them with sharp chemical detergents. The same rule of thumb should be for sunscreens, lotions, and cosmetics. 

All of these rules of care also apply to chlorine but since it is common sense to take off your jewelry before swimming, that should not really be a problem. Keep all these measures in check and just wash your Swarovski crystals with warm water and simple soap water.

Is Swarovski Jewelry Valuable?

Some of the amazing and most expensive Swarovski crystal jewelry might make you think that they would be valuable and have a great resale value, but that is not the case, unfortunately. 

Swarovski crystals are definitely the most beautiful jewelry that you will see but they are not valuable because glass crystals naturally aren’t. Swarovski crystals have competition with brands like Tiffany and if you are looking for something that would have a long-term value, then going for Tiffany is the right choice.

Why Is Swarovski Jewelry So Expensive?

It is all about the unique designs and the cost of production of glass and crystals that leads to the expensive price tags.

Swarovski is known for using high-quality materials and the production process of glass crystals here is also very complicated and costly. 

The shine and the colors of these Swarovski crystals are not that common and even as compared to some natural gems.

And with all the celebrity names endorsing the brand, this one definitely stands out among all the others when it comes to prices. 

Can You Resell Swarovski Jewelry?

Not really, unless you have kept the jewelry pieces with great care over the years, then definitely you can but you won’t really get much out of it.

The resale value of these crystals is not much compared to the original prices. 

If you have some 60s Swarovski jewelry lying around, then definitely you can sell it as a vintage but that is it. The value point, either way, remains the same for both new and vintage jewelry by Swarovski. 

Swarovski is definitely a luxury brand although it didn’t start off as one.

Crystal jewelry inherently is not that valuable but Swarovski has always been strong with the marketing of the brand and that has definitely classified this one as a luxury brand. 

Since Swarovski is a place for everyone and with a limited budget even, you might find something that is best suited for your special occasions.

The jewelry is not as valuable as diamond or gold jewelry but you may also be able to find something less expensive than that. 

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