Nothing makes a jewelry lover more excited than a vintage jewelry piece. A vintage jewelry piece doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive but of significance, in one’s life or according to the times one is living in.

Whatever jewelry store that you go to you can always find an old box or section of jewelry there where you would find old jewelry that is really one of a kind. You can find independent pieces and it is actually rare to find things in sets or altogether. 

Vintage jewelry that is just available for sale at an affordable price has amazing imitation stones used in it. As for jewelry that would have expensive stones like jade or make out of sterling silver then obviously the prices would be higher. 

People sometimes sell their old jewelry that is probably of their ancestors but since it is old then it would be categorized as vintage as well. People always feel drawn to vintage jewelry because of the amazing history and stories it might have associated with it. 

Who might have worn it? Where the materials were sourced from? What time period is the jewelry piece from? And all these sorts of questions can really create hype for a jewelry collector. 

It is actually not very difficult to imitate vintage jewelry so if you are a true fan and want to keep it authentic for your collection, then there are a few points you need to know before going vintage jewelry shopping. 

Always check the designs and style of jewelry that you are shopping for. The style of jewelry and the cut of stones is always going to be different than the modern ones that you see normally.

For example, if your vintage jewelry piece has a diamond in it from the 1930s or something, then that would probably be cut by hand and not with a laser, like in the present times.

So the work of a hand really stands out as compared to machine manufactured and hence you would know that you have a vintage jewelry piece.

Signs of wear are pretty normal on a piece of vintage jewelry since it is pre-owned by someone so you can definitely check this feature too.

Vintage jewelry has a very used and rather soft look as compared to brand new jewelry. 

When you put on a vintage earring, you can notice how easily it glides through the ear hole and feels comfortable to wear.

Not only does marking on a jewelry piece help with figuring out the vintage thing but also tells you the authenticity of materials used in the specific jewelry piece. 

How Do I Know That My Vintage Jewelry Is Valuable? 

You can always look at the materials that are used in vintage jewelry because that could tell a lot. And most importantly how unique the design is because vintage jewelry design is the main thing that sells. 

If we are talking about precious stones like diamond and jade, then definitely your vintage jewelry is going to be valuable if you are planning on selling it.

The time period from which your vintage jewelry is from and how significant it was even at that time can also add to the value in the current time. 

What Vintage Jewelry Is Most Valuable?

There are so many jewelry pieces in the world that are vintage and have immense value in the market that is more like a cultural phenomenon for some people.

There is this brooch called Graff Diamonds Peacock and it was sold at an auction for 73 million dollars. 

The brooch has 120 carats of diamonds in it and also the brooch is made by hand so that definitely adds a whole lot of value. 

There are people who are willing to invest that kind of outrageous amount on a brooch not because it is a piece of jewelry but because it is definitely an asset at this point. If this brooch ever gets auctioned again, there would be a person willing to pay even more than 73 million dollars. 

Does Vintage Jewelry Sell Well?

Well, yes and definitely vintage jewelry is worth investment but you have to be careful that it is an authentic thing and has original valuable materials in it.

Vintage jewelry that is let’s say designed for a Queen would have much more value than a brooch that you find in the vintage section of a jewelry store.

If you are casually shopping for vintage jewelry then there are some must-have pieces that you need to include in your vintage collection. Chokers have always been in style and nothing is better than a sleek metal choker that would look amazing with a certain dress. 

Pendants in the vintage jewelry are classic and they are all-rounder type. Like they look pretty amazing with almost any attire you want to go for. The best part, most of the vintage chokers have unique designs and colors so definitely worthy of getting added to the collection. 

Vintage jewelry is not a compulsion of course but if you love the classic fashion then definitely you would love to try on some vintage jewelry to complete and complement a classic look. 

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