Dxl is a clothing store that started out in 2012. They have many stores around the world and are headquartered in Washington and San Diego. 

The clothes you’ll find here are unique compared to other major clothing stores because they’ve been tailored by fashion experts. 

If you’re a plus-sized woman, or just like to have options, you’re probably wondering whether or not DXL does alterations. 

Does DXL do tailoring?

DXL is the largest chain of menswear stores. They stock a wide range of suits, shirts, ties, and accessories. 

You can find a variety of quality suiting styles and brands to choose from, including luxury tailoring brands such as Dunhill, Ted Baker, and Ermenegildo Zegna.

If you’re looking for an off-the-peg suit that fits perfectly, they offer a made-to-measure service at the store. 

They will take your measurements on their in-house tailor’s dummy and create your suit based on those measurements – it’s fitted to perfection by an expert tailor who will make any alterations if necessary. 

They also offer a range of customized shirts and trousers which are made to measure too.

Does DXL take measurements?

DXL is a brand that specializes in custom-measured clothing. Its customers can order their size and style preferences, then wait for their new clothes to be shipped directly from the factory.

DXL takes measurements from customers when they order their first piece of clothing, but it does not take measurements on every subsequent purchase. 

If you want to place an order for multiple items, you can do so without going through the measuring process each time.

The company offers free shipping both ways, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra if you need to return or exchange something.

Does DXL do custom shirts?

DXL is a company that offers custom-made shirts for both personal and business use. They have been in business for years and are known for having the best prices on custom shirts online.

The company has thousands of designs available for purchase and its customer service is top-notch (they respond quickly to emails). The website is easy to navigate and it only takes a few minutes to design your own shirt. 

To get a precise fit with your chosen style, you need to enter your measurements on their website right after choosing your desired style.

The quality of their t-shirts is exceptional, especially considering the price point. They offer many different fabric options including 100% cotton, polyester/cotton blends, and more.

How Much do the alterations cost?

DXL has a huge selection of jeans, shirts, and other clothing items. They also do alterations at their store.

If you want to get the perfect fit for your new pair of jeans or shirt, then you’ll need to take them in at the waist, arms, and length.

Alterations can be done at DXL stores. They charge $120 for alterations on pants and a range from $50-$100 for shirts depending on the type of shirt and what needs to be done to it.

What products can be altered there?

DXL is the largest alteration company in the world. They offer tailoring services for all types of clothing, including men’s and women’s suits, dress shirts, pants, jeans, skirts, and dresses.

They also provide alterations for work uniforms, children’s clothing, and costumes.

They can make adjustments to any item of clothing that has a zipper or button closure. The most common alterations they perform include:

  • Shortening/lengthening pants
  • Adjusting waist size
  • Tightening/loosening hems

Alterations are not available on jeans, leather jackets, or sports coats, and they may not be available on some high-end designer clothing items. 

If you have questions about the availability of alterations on your item(s), please call your local store.

How long do alterations take?

If you are looking for a suit and you want it tailored, you can get it tailored in a few days, even in a few hours. 

As with any other store, there is usually some wait time and you should be prepared to wait anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks if the store is busy.

If you want alterations done on an existing garment, then it will depend on what needs to be done. 

If it’s something simple like hemming pants or fixing a button, then you can usually have this done within a day or two. 

If the alteration is more complicated, such as taking in the waist, removing sleeves, or adding buttons, it may take longer.


Hopefully, this article has given you a better idea of the scope and extent of Dxl’s alterations capabilities. 

As you can see, there are some oft-requested functions that Dxl currently can’t handle well enough to include in their product, but they are working towards making those functions possible in the near future.


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