The Banana Republic is a well-known clothing brand claimed by the American Multinational organization Gap.

It was founded in 1978 by Patricia and Mel.

It is one of the very first upcycling companies that used army surplus to create their pieces.

The question is, does the brand run big or small?

Keep reading to find out.

So, Does Banana Republic Runs Small?

The Banana Republic runs small, which means that the sizes of their clothes are much smaller than other brands, even under the same label size.

If normally, the size 27 is considered a small size in other brands, Banana Republic would have it as a size extra small.

So 27 would be extra small according to their size chart while 29, which is usually a medium, would be a size small.

You may get confused about these sizes and end up buying the wrong size, so be careful when you shop here.

What Does It Mean When a Brand Runs Small?

Running small refers to items of clothing being a size smaller than they are compared to other brands.

Clothing sizes depend on the brand. Many brand sizes differ among themselves.

A pair of Nikes that are labeled as large will most likely not be the same size as pair of large Levis. To understand this, we say that the Nikes run smaller than most brands.

So before purchasing from the Banana Republic, you have to be pretty mindful of your size.

Check the size guide and measure yourself accordingly. If you do not see your size, then a size up would be the way to go.

First, if you are buying t-shirts from The Banana Republic, you have to measure your chest and the base of your neck.

Compare with the size chart on the website to get a clear idea.

Second, if you are buying dresses, you have to measure the base of your neck as well as your waist.

You can even measure any old dresses you have from The Banana Republic and compare those sizes according to the chart.

By doing this, you will be sure that the clothes you buy fit you perfectly.

If you are still not satisfied with the size chart, contact the helpline or ask any salesperson to guide you.

They will be more than happy to give you the information you need to find the perfect fit.

If you somehow end up buying the wrong size, you can always exchange the items or return them.

The Banana Republic has a pretty strict exchange and returns policy. If you return it in due time, they will gladly give a full refund.

Why Does Banana Republic Run Small?

There can be many factors that can cause The Banana Republic to run small.

It can either be an error during manufacturing or just that their sizing is a bit off than normal brands.

Over the past few years, a lot of people have been complaining about the brand sizes.

Three different shirts of the same size and the same collection would fit completely differently from each other.

The brand had three sizes in the past, and now it only has two; the small and the large.

There is no variation between these two sizes which caused a lot of concern for the buyers.

Due to this sole reason, many people are straying away from this brand.

Is the Banana Republic Good Quality?

Banana Republic is a brand that sells good quality stuff.

The quality that the brand offers is higher than Gap, Old Navy, and Express, but it is also not worth the original brand price.

The brand is known for having ongoing sales, which means you can get the clothes for almost 40-50% off.

Although the original prices are high, the brand quality is still pretty good.

Despite being overly popular, Banana Republic is a pretty mid-level brand.

Although they carry unique styles and offer constant sales, the sizing difficulty makes it hard for people to shop there online.

Final Verdict

If you are thinking of buying clothes from The Banana Republic, then visiting the actual brand and trying on clothes to get the perfect fit is the right way to shop.

By this, you will be sure of the fit, and there won’t be any sizing complications


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