Nigo (Tomoaki Nagao), a fashion designer from Japan, established A Bathing Ape (or BAPE) in Ura-Harajuku in 1993. 

The company, which has 19 locations in Japan, focuses on street and lifestyle clothes for men, women, and kids.

The relationship between streetwear and hip-hop is inextricably linked, and BAPE is no exception.

There are two explanations behind the acronym BAPE, which stands for A Bathing Ape. 

It’s a tribute to Nigo’s favorite movie, Planet of the Apes, first and foremost. 

Second, it makes light of the overindulgence of young streetwear consumers by using the Japanese expression “a bathing monkey in lukewarm water.”

BAPE routinely works with other companies and incorporates iconic media figures into their designs, including SpongeBob SquarePants, Marvel comic book heroes, Nintendo, DC Comics, Hello Kitty, and the Sanrio Family. 

These patterns can be seen on a variety of Bathing Ape products, including shoes, sweatshirts, jackets, t-shirts, and accessories.

BAPE clothing is vibrant, loud, and boisterous. Some of the most recognizable items in the history of streetwear may be attributed to the brand. 

There are full-zip shark hoodies with varsity “World Gone Mad” (WGM) patches available.

Additionally, the distinctive shark motif was inspired by military artwork found on battleships and fighter jets.

Then there’s the instantly familiar Cloud Camo print, which gives BAPE a touch of Japanese fashion’s cartoonishness.

Over the years, the recognizable print has appeared on everything. 

The BAPE STA sneakers are the last item. The sneaker is a clear-cut and shameless ripoff of the Nike Air Force 1. 

The exception is that the iconic swoosh is swapped out for a lightning star, the hues are insanely dazzling, and the patent leather top gives it a recognizable glossy sheen.

How do BAPE hoodies fit?

The sizing of BAPE apparel is not accurate. Given that it can shrink by more than 10%, it makes sense to size it up because it fits one size small.

Check your typical size to ensure a proper fit because sneakers are sized according to US standards.

If you like a snugger fit and desire a more relaxed look, consider sizing down in the BAPE clothing line.

The real explanation, though, will only be revealed by BAPE, but I’m going to presume it has something to do with the company’s Japanese roots.

This apparel line first rose to fame in the Japanese streetwear scene before moving to America, where sizes are often larger.

If you can work out their confusing size procedure, the fit of the majority of BAPE clothes is flawless.

Does BAPE alter hoodies?

No BAPE does not alter hoodies.

BAPE hoodies are typically one size too small. Therefore, choose a medium in BAPE if you purchase a large in Nike.

Due to its amazing hoodies, the company gained notoriety in the streetwear industry in the middle of the 2000s.

However, it wasn’t long before consumers recognized that BAPE’s sizing wasn’t exactly comparable to those of other American brands. So, if you want the best fit, you should size down.

How do I figure out my BAPE hoodie size?

To find a detailed sizing chart, you can visit Sizing Chart at BAPE’s US website.

In order to find your perfect size, you can either measure one of your previously owned hoodies or you can measure yourself.  

They have mentioned measurements in detail for both men’s and women’s clothing, including but not limited to their hoodies. 

BAPE items that run small normally are their hoodies and shorts. 

Shorts from BAPE are also one size too small. They are also a little bit shorter than typical basketball shorts in America.

Basketball shorts, which were extremely popular in streetwear at the time, were also given a unique twist by the company.

Their shorts are quite nicely crafted, and if purchased in the correct size, most people tend to look fantastic wearing them.

The jackets produced by BAPE fit true to size. Their cropped, oversized jackets are exactly what a hipster jacket should be.

Although BAPE produces a wide variety of jacket designs, their hooded jackets are unquestionably the most well-liked.

Because BAPE adds Japanese quality to their products, they also have a tendency to last a very long time.

For Americans, BAPE’s sizing can be a little challenging, so it requires some comprehension.

Conclusively, because BAPE is a Japanese high street brand, their sizes run typically smaller than normal US sizes, especially with respect to their hoodies. 

To buy a hoodie that fits perfectly, either relaxed or form-fitting, you can use the extensively made size chart on BAPE’s website.

While buying a BAPE hoodie, keep in mind that the sizes are smaller than other brands such as Nike, and therefore one needs to buy one size bigger than their usual hoodie size. 

The fit of the majority of BAPE clothes is flawless. Additionally, we advise treating their apparel with love and care because it is known to shrink. Consider dry cleaning only. 


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