Penguins are known to be one of the cutest and cuddliest birds of all time.

It’s not just their appearance that has put them onto the list of “most favorite birds of humans” but also their distinct characteristics and nature. They radiate warm, homely vibes to people around them.

Penguins have a very diverse symbolism and meaning behind them.

They represent loyalty, devotion, resourcefulness, sociability, elegance, and love.

They always stick around in packs making them extraordinarily loyal and family-devoted creatures.

Plus, Penguins are also known to be very adaptable. When stuck in complex and challenging situations, they know their way to survive and thrive.

Having such extraordinary features and meanings behind them, brands and companies are compelled to use them as their logos.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the clothing brands that have been using penguins as their logos.

Have they managed to represent what their logo stands for?

Keep reading to find out.

Original Penguin

Original Penguin is a brand born because someone lost their way and ended up knocking a penguin’s head off.

In 1955, Abbot Pederson traveled to New York on a sales trip for the Munsingwear brand. Having some time to kill before the show started, he decided to have a few drinks at a bar.

Pederson lost his way and ended up outside a taxidermist’s shop. It was from there that he decided to purchase a penguin as his new traveling companion.

Whilst he was on his flight enjoying some cocktails, he accidentally knocked the penguin’s head off, making it headless.

As an act of flirting, a stewardess removed his tie and wrapped it around the penguin’s neck.

It was from this series of events that the icon of Original Penguin was inspired.

Pederson was finally able to convince Munsingwear to launch a sub-brand manufacturing golf shirts with his choice of embroidery.

Today, apart from golf shirts, Original Penguin also has an extensive collection of polos, formal shirts, bikinis, hoodies, skirts, jackets, sweaters, vests, dress shirts, pants, shorts, and leggings, underwear, and more.

They even have a separate collection of clothing for golf, racquet, swimming, and paddling.

Apart from clothing, Original Penguin also offers a large collection of shoes, masks, belts, hats, colognes, and other accessories.

The bigger the brand name is, the higher their prices, which is the case with Original Penguin.

Their products have sky-high prices when compared with other brands offering similar quality apparel.

However, they do offer special military and student discounts to those eligible for it.

Plus, they also offer free shipping on orders above $168.96 to all parts of the world.

Check out their website:


Penguin is a Swiss clothing brand that designs and manufactures technical, durable, and stylish outerwear for snow enthusiasts.

They believe that a snow adventurer should be wearing three layers at most to have maximum flexibility on the ground.

This is why they design products for each layer with different functions but of the same quality.

Penguin claims to have a mission of designing loose-fit outerwear with new, innovative color combinations.

With their aim of designing durable products whilst taking care of the environment, they try to source their materials from reliable suppliers and use organic or recycled materials whenever possible.

The mid-layers available at Penguin are specially designed to provide the optimum amount of insulation, protection from the wind and snow, and versatility to its wearer.

They even come with additional features such as water resistance and body odor prevention.

The prices at Penguin are reasonable when compared with other outerwear brands.

All of their products come with a two-year warranty.

Customers can even avail of free shipping within Switzerland and all parts of Europe.

Penguins are the creatures and adventurers of snow, which is why in my opinion, they were a perfect animal to be chosen as the brand’s logo.

Check out their website:

The Kind Penguins

The Kind Penguins is a brand inspired by the motivation behind saving and rehabilitating penguins in Africa.

To give back to the world, create a more eco-friendly environment, and of course, save the penguins, Darren decided to launch a brand that spreads kindness and happiness around the world.

The Kind Penguins design and manufacture apparel and tote bags using organic, eco-friendly materials, renewable energy, and low waste technology.

They claim all of their products to be 100% cruelty-free, GM-free, and vegan-friendly.

The Kind Penguins offer a limited but high-quality collection of hoodies and t-shirts with creative and unique prints on them.

The prices of their products are a bit high when compared with other brands because sustainable materials are more expensive than regular ones.

However, they do offer free shipping on orders above fifty pounds in the United Kingdom and on orders above 100 pounds in the rest of the world.

The Kind Penguins donates a significant amount from their purchases to save and rehabilitate penguin species around the world.

They have also won the Queen’s Award for being the first ever brand to make a circular economy for fashion.

Check out their website:



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