Horns serve as an animal’s armament, so it makes sense that they serve as a sign of power and aggression. 

Horned gods typically stand in for warriors and animal lords because they show the might and majesty of the deity. 

Horns are a symbol of both salvation and immortality because they are so strong.

The fashion industry uses horns to signify clothing that is either “grunge” or West American. 

Here are some brands that use horns as logos.


For both men and women, London-based fashion brand AllSaints creates retro-inspired clothing with a contemporary, rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic since 1994.

Designer pair Kait Bolongaro and Stuart Trevor, who are now married, came up with the idea for their company AllSaints after discovering their shared love of vintage apparel and classic rock music.

AllSaints set out to design unique clothing from the start rather than merely following fashion. 

A once-boutique brand from London has now gone global thanks to the hip company’s ability to draw a new type of menswear consumer as well as a devoted fanbase.

The company has become well-known for its slim denim jeans, monochrome faded fabrics, leather biker jackets, thick ribbed knits, and an abundance of denim products. 

In the past, collections were well-known for reflecting movements like British punk and gothic fashions.

The business’s most significant relationship to date has been with the music business, where they have worked with a number of well-known musicians, such as Kings of Leon, Blonde Redhead, and the Dum Dum Girls. 

The “The LA Sessions” concert series is presented by AllSaints in Los Angeles.

You can shop their inspired collections here: https://www.allsaints.com 

Kimes Ranch

Matt and Amanda set out to recruit the best squad of cutters, makers, and washers in order to produce the western world’s missing jean. 

They did this until their final product was indisputably the best fit and workmanship. 

They developed a jean with a medium waist for ladies that provided high enough covering when riding but a low rise to resemble a stylish street jean, making it versatile enough to transition from cowboy to everyday use. 

They added features to their men’s jeans that nobody else had, like a knife compartment and an even more appealing rear pocket arrangement.

They are the industry leaders in western clothing quality for both style and product. By making trendy jeans with a retro vibe, they hope to return Western to its origins. 

They are setting the trend by modernizing western fashion by fusing their experience in the fashion industry with their western heritage.

They are the nexus of the western and fashion worlds. They are transcendent western wear.

All cowboys and cowgirls need their basic jean because Kimes Ranch prioritizes fit and functionality. 

They offer the platform for your particular western aesthetic.

You can shop their products at: https://kimesranch.com/ 

Ranch Brand

Ranch brand originated from the founder Max Clément’s love of the countryside, horses, and cattle husbandry. 

In 2019, the concept Ranch brand emerged in his head. Having been in the business sector for a considerable amount of time, the project was carried out quickly and effectively. 

The introduction of the idea Ranch brand figuratively lit social networks on fire. 

More than 6500 Facebook fans have already grown devoted to the brand and the rural ethos of the Ranch brand car within 4 months of its beginning. 

Today, Ranch Brand sells both menswear and womenswear, as well as saddle blankets. 

You can visit their site at https://en.ranchbrand.ca/ 

Markhor Wear

The goal of Markhor Wear is to modernize leather clothing. 

Your purchasing experience at Markhor Wear will be worthwhile thanks to their unrivaled clothes that are made with quality. 

They are a leatherwear company that has been providing top-quality leather goods (mostly belts and jackets) since 2019.

Their items are designed with comfort and style in mind. To that purpose, they have teamed up with a wide variety of Chinese and American vendors. 

They take great care to ensure that your buying experience is quick and convenient.

You can choose from a wide range of products at Markhor Wear, which is significantly more than its rivals. 

But it’s also conceivable that they may not have the specific thing you’re looking for. 

In that case, they would like to assist you in getting that item and will make special efforts to make sure you do. Moreover, they also sell custom-made, authentic leather coats.

Their specialty is delivering leather goods. In terms of your chosen style, they produce products that are in line with your needs and comfort levels.

To guarantee that you receive a wide selection of high-quality goods, they only choose the best products from suppliers in Europe, China, and Far East Asia.

Shop from them here: https://markhorwear.com/ 

Tears & Fears

Tears & Fears is a clothing line made for young, contemporary people who wish to express themselves via personal style. 

The Tears & Fears collection unquestionably embodies a glam-rock aesthetic and is the perfect fusion of glamour and utility. 

Their collections are a blend of outstanding quality, trippy designs, and primarily rich patterns. 

Clothes by Tears & Fears are considered to be the epitome of modernism, elegant, comfort, and at the same time, what is purely fashionable yet rebellious.

Visit them at: https://tearsandfearsclth.com/


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