Have you ever wondered why brands spend so much money on protecting their logos? The answer is pretty simple.

A unique logo helps a brand stand out and helps people understand the type of products the business is selling. 

Since there are hundreds of different types of crabs found on the beach, many beachwear websites use crabs in their logos. 

We’ve made a list of all the clothing brands that use crab as their logo, so keep on reading to find out who they are. 

Crab Grab:

Crab Grab is an American brand that claims to produce the finest quality tractions, mittens, and clothes. It is a family-owned business, run by Preston Strout and his wife, Dawn Strout.

Crab Grab was not always a clothing brand. In 2010, Preston Strout, a snowboarding lover, realized that there was a lack of products that would help snowboarders focus on their tricks and stunts.

So he worked day and night and in 2011, launched his prototype. The brand made a name for itself instantly and it was time to broaden its horizons.

The Strout family then decided to launch their mittens and clothes which were also a major hit. Their first ever mittens were released in 2015 and over the years their quality and features continued to improve.

Currently, the brand is running in Bend, Oregon, and Ventura, California but soon we will probably see more of it in other states as well. 

The price of Crab And Grab mittens starts from 50 US dollars and goes up to 80 US dollars. Considering the quality they offer, we believe these prices are quite justified.

Their hoodies, crewnecks, and sweaters have varied prices, starting from 30 US dollars.

Want to grab something from Crab And Grab? Check out their website with the link given below:


Crab Dashery Nola Apparel Company:

Crab Dashery Nola Apparel was founded in 2009 by a man named Paul Miguez. 

Paul was a young man when he began working in the clothing industry. Though he did not have enough finances or experience at that time, he was sure about one thing- one day he will start his very own clothing brand. 

His dream became a reality after 40 years of experience in the apparel industry when one of his friends asked him to design a special hat for his son’s wedding. 

Since the groom was from Louisiana, Paul designed the hat with a blue crab on it. To his disbelief, everyone at the wedding loved the style and design of the hat and encouraged Paul to work on his brand. 

This pushed Paul to quit his job and start a clothing brand named Crab Dashery. Today, the company produces high-quality shirts, polos, and t-shirts for men and women. 

Though Paul is an old folk now, his brand is growing bigger with his grandson’s creativity and efforts.

Want to discover what this brand has in stock for its customer? Check out its website by clicking on the link given below.


Jimmy And Sook

Jimmy And Sook is a clothing brand launched by a lovely couple on 4th July 2008. 

The founders of the brand are extremely proud of their company and believe that it brings numerous job opportunities for adults and excitement for the kids. 

From day one, Jimmy And Sook have focused on creating clothes that are fun to wear and durable.

 Today, 14 years later, the brand’s aim has not changed. Every clothing article they release is super cute and doesn’t wither away despite rough use.

 This is the reason why Jimmy and Sook’s original polo shirt is loved by all its clients and is now available in sixteen different colors. 

Since the brand has a wide range of collections for men, women, and children, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it has become a one-stop shop for the whole family’s clothing needs. 

Apart from clothes, the brand also sells the finest quality tote bags, aprons, caps, and visors.

Though everything is quite affordable, you can also enjoy sales on Jimmy and Sook’s best-selling articles from time to time.

So, if you love crabs and want to buy something with crab printed over it, check out Jimmy And Sook’s website.


Coastal Crab

Coastal Crab is a clothing brand inspired by the coastline of Southeastern Connecticut which is famous for its scenic beauty, high waves, and warm sand.

The story behind the formation of this brand is quite intriguing. It all began when a school teacher named Rachel put her graphic designing skills to test and created t-shirts with a stunning crab logo.

Rachel loved the CT coastline and the aim behind creating those t-shirts was to chill on the beach wearing something fun but comfortable.

Surprisingly, her designs received a lot of appreciation from friends, family, and even strangers.

People began to show their desire of wearing Rachel’s designs and that’s when she partnered up with Laura to create a brand of their own.  

Since it was the crab design that got people attracted, they named their brand Coastal Crab and the two women went from being teachers to entrepreneurs. 

Today, Coastal Crab has a wide range of collections and is loved by men, women, and children for having colors and designs that capture the essence of the beach. 

If you wish to shop from this amazing brand or want to learn more about it, check out its website with the link given below.


Crabs Company

Crabs Company is a Spanish brand that excels in creating clothes for the summer season.

The company was founded by four young and energetic folks who loved spending their summer days on Mallorca (Majorca) island. 

The founding members named Maribel Nadal, Jorge Moreno, Pedro Rosselló, and Antonio Arenas, come from different places and educational backgrounds.

Their love for the beach and business is what unites them to create stunning, high-quality beach wear for their customers.

The crabs company takes inspiration for its apparel from a hermit crab. When a hermit crab changes its shell, it aims at finding a shell that would protect it, last long, and give it an identity of its own.

Human beings act similarly when they look for swimwear. They want clothes that would not only last long but also make them stand out from the rest.  

This drives Crabs Company to produce the best designs with the finest quality materials. From polos and t-shirts to swim shorts and caps, you can find all beach essentials on their website, that too at good prices.

If you wish to learn more about Crabs Company, check out their website by clicking on the link below.


Pirogue And Co:

Pirogue and Co. is an American clothing brand, co-founded by a lovely couple named Nick and Kait. 

The married couple came up with the idea of creating this brand when they were vacationing on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.

They felt like the place had a lot of brands that represented its beauty and culture while their hometown, Southern Louisiana, barely had any brand representation. So they decided to change that once and for all. 

After returning from the trip, the couple began working on how to make their dream a reality. Several sleepless nights later, they came up with a brand named Pirogue and Co with a Louisiana blue crab as its logo.

The brand has something to offer to both locals and tourists. 

Currently, it sells t-shirts, tank tops, pullovers, sweaters, sweatshirts, performance tees, beanies, hats, neck gaiters, and other accessories. All are inspired by the rich culture, heritage, and traditional food of Southern Louisiana.

The price of the clothes is quite reasonable. Digitally printed t-shirts cost 32 US dollars while sweatshirts being around 48 US dollars. 

 Want to discover more about Pirogue and Co.? Check out its website by clicking on the link given below. 



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