You might have heard about the benefits of using healing crystals and their spiritual properties and might even have been tempted to buy one, probably more than a few times already.

So, why didn’t you buy one?

Perhaps you got stuck on the idea about which one’s ‘the one’ for you since different crystals have different properties and are destined for different functions etc.

For instance, amethyst helps your gut and improves your digestive system, while yellow topaz is good for your mental health, removing stress and enhancing your brain function.

It could have been a dilemma for you to pick the one that understands you since, crystals are all about if they are vibing with you or not.

Or it could simply be the fact that you might be running low on budget and you’re not sure if the cheap ones are real or not.

Reeling things fast forward, you come across one at a store like Target or TJMAXX, and you’re pulled towards it like a magnet, but then something stops you.

Perhaps it is the earlier dilemma of whether or not it’s the right one for you, or even a more important one… is it even real?

So how do you determine if a crystal is real or not? Are there special techniques that you can use to decipher the authenticity of the crystal you are met with? Let’s find out.

Are Crystals From Tjmaxx Real?

There’s several factors that determine whether you get your hands on an authentic piece of crystal beauty; or are hoodwinked by fox-minded salespeople into buying a below average piece of shit.

Here’s what those factors dictate:

Do Your Research

First things first, you’ll need to do some research on it. Find out about different crystals and their different properties, and how they affect the human body and then decide the one which works best for you.

It’s better to get your hands on some information about the crystals you are dealing with since this will make your decision easier, as well as allow you to take one that proves most beneficial for you.

Some crystals have healing effects while some work in boosting certain functions such as improving your memory.

While you may be looking for one that enhances your temperament, it’s better to invest some time in understanding your body and it’s health, determining whether or not it could use some healing.

Enhancing is no good if something’s not working properly in the first place.

Trust Your Intuition

As mentioned before, healing crystals are all about the good vibes. You see one that matches your energy, you buy it.

However, you may want to be on the look out for a crystal’s energy that may be worn out.

There are plenty of factors that might wear out a crystal’s energy including the wear and tear it goes through and the constant shifting around the store, making it “tired”.

The temperature will also be a good factor contributing to the authenticity of the gemstone since crystals are cold to the touch but can warm at room temperatures.

They are also quick to cool down.

So, take it in your hand, examine its surface, feel the feel and decide whether it matches your energy or not.

This brings us to the next important part…

The Way It Looks

The surface might also indicate to you the crystal’s authenticity.

Fake ones are either too refined and polished and have unnatural neon tints at the end or may lack the sharpness and shine that the originals have.

Perhaps the shine was there once, but it simply wore away at the hands of humans and baskets alike.

However, if it still feels good in your hand, make sure to take it home and give it extra care and love to balance out its energies.

Consider The Price

Skepticism is a good thing to consider when considering the price of the crystal you’re looking forward to buying.

The price will give you a good idea about the ride you’re in for.

You might be paying too much for a gemstone, that is not even real.

The opposite can also be true, especially in the case of packages in which multiple gemstones are given.

Original gemstones may be paired with fake ones and be sold at much lower prices, so you might want to be on the lookout for that.

Are Homegoods’ Crystals Real?

Much of the factors that denote the authenticity of a crystal you’re willing to buy have been discussed in the previous section.

The question of whether or not you’ll find an authentic crystal at HomeGoods depends on the kind of crystal you’re looking for.

Since they have a large collection of AV stones available, there is a high probability that you might find the right one after all.

The most important indicator considering the authenticity of the crystal still remains the price as well as how easily it is available (i.e; how abundant it is considering the figures).

The more rare the crystal, the more expensive it will likely be. Since it could be difficult to spot a real stone from a fake one, especially if you’re a newbie here, you might as well want to buy one that is easy on the budget.

There is a huge collection of beautiful crystals, ranging from low prices to higher ones, that are available at HomeGoods, most of them just as opulent as the other.

You can gradually step up the ladder as your knowledge of crystals grows, and watch your own collection grow!


The most secure way to ensure you’re getting the right crystal is buying them at a store that sells only AV stones.

The expertise that they will bring to the table as well as their suggestions dripping with wisdom, might in fact make your decision easier; and even serve as proof of the stone’s authenticity.

Stores like Catland, Aquarian Soul and Unicorn Manor specialize in selling crystals and have got some of the best ratings in the area.

You can also take a crystal test to further remove your doubts and hesitation considering the stone.

Because healing crystals start their work from within, make sure to trust your intuition, since this truly can’t be emphasized enough when it comes to AV stones.


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