Brand logos and symbols are some of the most critical aspects of their marketing and public image.

Iconic logos have a tendency to stick in people’s minds more than the brand name itself.

Some of these timeless logos include the Mcdonald’s “M” logo, Apple’s bitten apple, Microsoft’s Windows logo, and Polo’s man on a horse.

There has also been a trend in clothing companies nowadays to have animals as the face of their labels. Monkey logos are the new trend in the market.

Here are some brands that made monkeys the face of their operation.

Paul Frank

Paul Frank is a clothing company in the US that deals in apparel and accessories.

In 2020, it was acquired by Futurity Brands AG, which is a subsidiary of Futurity Brands Limited.

The company’s signature look is that of the garage days, incorporating aspects of pop culture, music, and art into their products.

The monkey on the logo is called Julius and is one of the most recognizable faces in the clothing industry.

Along with shipping their products to independent retailers, they have stores in Athens, Las Vegas, London, Chicago, Amsterdam, New York, Berlin, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Dallas, and many more.

Paul Frank products project an aura of childhood nostalgia and remind us of our own playful and joyous nature.

Their clothes reflect this philosophy, with spontaneous and imaginative designs and fearless innovation in their products.

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Bobby Jack

Established by Han L. Lee and Robert Molinaro in 2001, Bobby Jack is an American clothing brand whose apparel was sold in retail shops like Sears, JCPenney, and Macy’s.

Known for its sarcastic marketing and sassy slogans, Bobby Jack quickly gained popularity among teens and children.

Their mascot, the monkey named Bobby Jack, has been instrumental in their success among school-going tweens since 2006.

He, along with Cooper, his best friend, and Moose, his pet mouse, became household names among clothing mascots.

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Urban Monkey

At Urban Monkey, the passion of the underground hipster community is evident.

Every product they design bears their signature punk rock look, right down to the sunglass toting minimalist monkey logo.

Each product is the result of a lot of hard work, passion, and heart, and whenever a customer wears their apparel, they feel the love that has been put into its fabrication.

Urban Monkey wants to acknowledge the street artists, athletes, and musicians, whose skill is responsible for awe-struck crowds who are inspired to unleash their inner street kid.

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X-Large and their mascot, the “OG Gorilla,” have dominated the conversation whenever someone mentions the 90’s West Coast street culture and streetwear in general.

All their designs have something to do with monkeys, which are an integral part of their brand marketing.

The X-Large store in Los Angeles has been a cornerstone of local streetwear fashion ever since it was founded in 1991 by Alan Silverman and Eli Bonerz.

Their close relationship with the Beastie Boys and the availability of California workwear helped them gain a lot of attention in the city.

They have also had collaborations with a lot of other brands.

These include The Hundreds, Bearbrick, Adidas, Delicious Vinyl, Shirt King Phade, and they even made the official clothing merchandise for the movie Space Jam.

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Drunknmunky is an American streetwear brand that deals in t-shirts, denim wear, polo shirts, caps, zip hoodies, and beanies.

It was established in 1999 in Los Angeles but is currently based in the UK.

The current owners of the company are Tigerleash, but their parent company, The Source, has licensed the use of the brand to various corporations worldwide.

Drunknmunky advertises itself as being for the rebels in society, the ones who don’t want to follow preconceived notions of what one should wear in a particular season.


Famous around the world for their iconic simian logo of “Rebel Ape,” an amalgamation of Che Guevara and a monkey, SSUR has ape blood running in all of their products.

Whether it be T-shirts, Medicom Kubricks, or collectible busts, everything is monkey business for SSUR.

The founder Ruslan Karablin was catapulted to worldwide notoriety due to his tagline for the label, “NOW YOU LITTLE MONKEYS WANNA BE GUERRILLAS,” which has gone on to be one of the most well-known taglines in the streetwear business.

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Ben Davis

Ben Davis is the poster boy for highly durable apparel which can sustain long durations of rough use. Nothing exemplifies this more than their logo, which is a hulking gorilla with a no-nonsense attitude.

Ben Davis is a relic of the time when streetwear was known as workwear, and thus it has been heavily inspired by workwear staples like Carhartt, Stan Ray, and Dickies.

Their classic designs and reliable quality make them the go-to choice for premium workwear.

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A Bathing Ape

A Bathing Ape, more commonly known as BAPE, is short for “A Bathing Ape in Lukewarm Water”, which is meant to signify spoilt children.

The brand’s symbolism is heavily inspired by The Planet Of The Apes franchise, as its first celebrity face was Cornelius, the musician whose name was a pseudonym for one of the film’s characters.

It is a Japanese brand and has been one of the most recognizable streetwear brands worldwide since its inception in 1993.

Located in the heart of Tokyo, one of the frontrunners among the fashion hubs in the world, BAPE strives to bring Japanese fashion into the global spotlight.

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