Clothing is a way of expressing yourself. A person’s personality can be quickly determined by the way they are dressed.

Today, countless brands facilitate you to choose your own outfit, to be your individual self. They induce confidence and allow you to show off your natural beauty.

The most peculiar among clothing brands are ones that make funky, quirky, and eccentric attire.

They may look odd to some people but let’s not forget beauty is subjective, and one person’s garbage is another person’s treasure.

What is quirky? Cambridge dictionary gives the definition: unusual but attractively and interestingly.

In this world based on trends and viral videos, being your own self is a difficult task. Nonetheless, countless clothing labels let you celebrate your uniqueness.

In our article, we surfed through the internet and found some of these quirky clothing brands that are a little different from the others, just like you.

So keep reading and decide which one suits your tastes.


ASOS literally stands for As Seen on Screen. They are British clothes retailers that sell a variety of clothes from different brands.

In addition to selling many other big-name brands, ASOS also has its exclusives. Designed and produced by their London design team, ASOS exclusive brands include ASOS Design, ASOS Edition, ASOS White, ASOS Made-in, and ASOS 4505.

These brands fit the quirky description just right, they might not appeal to many people, but they sure do look aesthetic.

The ASOS design offers trendy clothes with a twist on the design and color scheme.

The aim of this production is to give youngsters the confidence to express their special selves.

They have a wide range of sizes named ASOS Curve, Tall, Petite, and Maternity, to provide fashion to everyone.

ASOS Edition features the more glam side of ASOS. These include fancy clothes for parties and even weddings.

ASOS White has minimalistic designs for both people who prefer monotonous colors and everyday wear. They match the modern description. These were created so that you can be proud of your own aesthetic.

ASOS Made-in features Kenya-based traditional clothing with a modern streetwear twist so that you can be proud of your tradition and heritage every day.

ASOS believes that youngsters are the ones to change the future. The brand is in collaboration with SOKO Kenya.

ASOS 4505 has activewear clothing for your gym and sport. It is made to ensure that you are never stopped when on the go. It facilitates superior motility.

Lazy Oaf

Lazy Oaf sells unique and eccentric bold streetwear designs for everyone. It is an independent clothing store that has become quite famous for its quality and weird but super fun designs.

Because of this consistency, they have collaborated with the likes of DC, Warner Bros., and even Dreamworks.

It was founded in 2001 by Gemma Shiel, an artist from London. Her brand incorporated the late 90’s era clothing with modern streetwear, which is ingenious.

It offers shirts, dresses, sweaters, jackets, and swimwear. Diversity and inclusiveness have always been its primary goal.

They manufacture sustainable and ethical clothes too. If you are looking to express your weirdness then Lazy Oaf might be the perfect brand for you.


H&M Group is a Swedish clothing giant. They are very popular with youngsters of this age due to their modernistic and aesthetic streetwear and outerwear.

Monki joined the H&M group in 2008. Monki is a brand that incorporates Scandinavian fashion with cool and creative street fashion. The brand empowers women to stand up to the injustice in our society.

They are a brand with a purpose. They use their fashion to address critical issues such as social sustainability, body independence, mental health, and menstruation.

In addition, they are also working on increasing sustainability. The company wants to be as transparent as possible and is working on improving communications with its workers and even consumers.

They offer durable and stylish clothing ranging from blouses, jumpsuits, trousers, shirts, sweaters, nightwear, skirts, and even swimwear.

Monki also has exclusive accessories such as bags, wallets, socks, and jewelry that are equally fun and pleasing to the eye.

Fashion Brand Company

This addition to our list is a wild one. If you want to make inappropriate jokes whilst looking like an absolute badass then this brand is for you.

The credit for the idea goes to Penelope Gazin. She founded the brand in 2018. With her artistic experience, she gave life to boring and monotonous clothes.

“So much of my brand is just a stupid joke that just I just kept taking it farther and farther because it makes me laugh”, said Penelope.

But everyone is in love with her creations. The clothing is bold, and its weirdness makes it aesthetic.

Most importantly, it is quite affordable.

Isolated Heroes

Isolated Heroes is a clothing brand that is based in Scotland. Their sassy and aesthetic products are made from primarily luxury faux fur and sequin.

The goal of the company is to empower the people wearing their clothes. The creator of the brand wants every person who wears their product to be bold, confident and takes pride in their body.

Isolated Heroes has sized their clothes starting from UK 6 through UK 28 so that a wide range of people can try them. They take pride in casting street models.

The label believes that choosing such individuals promotes body positivity and lets the consumer know about natural beauty rather than the traditional model look.

The brand offers a lot of bold, saucy collections for you to choose from. Their designs look very unique, and the fabric quality is very durable.


If you prefer a gothic, black-clothes aesthetic then Killstar is the product for you. The brand was established in 2010. It showcases modern clothing with an added spice of darkness and raw energy.

They have everything all-black, rock-punk themed, and Lolita fashion decor and clothes Despite being so eccentric it has a very big fan base worldwide.

It offers special plus-sized apparel. They also have a VIP system and offer special promotions for their loyal customers.

So Which “Quirky” Brand is The Best?

Honestly, it depends on your taste and the way of styling your outfits. Our personal favorite is ASOS, just for its versatility and prices.

Lazy Oaf would be a better choice if you prefer colorful renditions and hundreds of prints on your attire.

Monkey is overall pretty great. Their everyday go-to clothes look aesthetic, delightful, and definitely not too much.

Fashion Brand Company is the odd one out. They have weirdly attractive and appealing bold artistic attire. The brand pulls the inner aesthetic out and gives you the confidence to be unique.

Isolated Heroes is a daring choice. Their empowering outfits let out a powerful message. They give you a certain feeling of being sure of yourself. Wearing the attire makes you feel proud of your body.

We are in love with the black aesthetic of Killstar. The gothic lolita fashion has our hearts. Their black dresses are ones to “Kill” for. If, for some reason, the clothing does not appeal to you, just check their lovely home decor.


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