Fear of God is a clothing brand that was founded in 2013 in Los Angeles, California. This American-based brand is considered to be a high-end label since the clothing is high quality and so are the prices. 

The clothes you find here are not like your typical mediocre quality or fit. The designers here are heavily invested in delivering the best to the consumers. 

The finest fabrics and materials are used in making the clothes and many other accessories being sold by the brand. And this very factor has a lot to do with the high prices that you see. 

Later on, after establishing a solid place for itself in the market, this brand came up with a sub-label called Essentials. The idea of making this brand was to initially tap into the children’s market since the parent brand did not sell any products of that kind at all and wanted to expand globally in that as well. 

For this very reason, Essentials was founded to be made more accessible for people who love quality but can’t afford the parent label. But the founder of the brand made it pretty clear after launching the brand that there are going to be differences in quality in terms of the essentials. 

According to a review by Vogue, Fear Of God Essentials has been able to create some phenomenal and reasonable quality products like sweaters, Jersey shorts, and knitwear. 

Fear of God is definitely an expensive brand and due to this very reason, the sister label was created. This brand makes almost 6 million as just the sales revenue and this us resulted from the expensive prices for every product. 

The brand has grown tremendously over the course of such a short time. Celebrities like Kanye West have been spotted wearing clothes from this brand and that says enough about its popularity. 

The addition of the label Essentials has only added more to the popularity of the brand and generates more profits for the company each year. The idea is quite basic but since this line is affordable it works for everyone as compared to the parent label. 

Who Owns Essential Clothing?

Jerry Lorenzo is the mastermind behind the famous brand Fear Of God and the same goes for the label called Essentials. Both of these labels are inclined towards streetwear.

The only difference is that the first one is an expensive and luxury wear brand and the second is affordable and yet reasonable quality. Lorenzo wanted to create something that would be affordable in comparison to Fear Of God but still for some people the prices are not like that of H&M or Zara. 

But if you really love this one, giving the affordable line a try won’t be such a bad idea.

Why Is Fear Of God So Expensive?

For starters, this is a designer brand that is all about high-quality streetwear. You can find clothes for both men and women with all kinds of comfortable fabrics and high-quality stitching. 

Secondly, the reason this brand is so expensive is that it is being worn by celebrities. This very fact adds tons of volume to the brand’s popularity and price hikes. 

If a celebrity is wearing something, anything for that matter, that very product would be high in demand the very next day. And privileged ones do understand this assignment and are all about this kind of luxury clothing.

Is Fear Of God A Luxury Brand?

Yes, Fear Of God is a luxury brand that is also a high-quality designer brand that makes trendy street wear. 

The brand has been crushing it so far even though it is very much expensive and for many out of range. You can see noticeable names like Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin and so many more celebs wearing the clothes from here. 

But in the midst of all these expensive collections of high-end streetwear, Essentials is still relatively affordable. You can always get the perfect hoodie or a set of joggers on the go that would have reasonable quality. 

You do need to be careful and watch out for the fake ones out there. If you are a big fan and are okay with knock-offs of this brand that is totally cool. 

But check the stitching and labels before going for something fake if you are actually looking for authenticity that is the trademark of this brand. 

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