Change has never been introduced for the sake of change. Instead, it has decided to continually improve the design of clothes. Each development is meticulously scrutinized to ensure that it not only fits the brothers’ exacting standards but also adds to the sensuous pleasure felt while caressing the garment. 

The owner of Represent will discover the silhouettes through and through, with greater detail, better finishings, and tailored materials. Represent is continuing as it always has, with great care, ensuring that the clothing provides amazing wear. 

Represent started as a student project when George Heaton discovered he can sell his paintings as designs on garments. He began by obtaining blank garments locally and screen designing his patterns. 

Jotting down 15 silly numbers on a sheet resulted in the original brand ‘Representing.’ After that, a buddy advised George to eliminate the ‘-ing,’ and the rest is history. 

The first product, 20 box logo T-shirts from Merch Asylum print company, was published in 2012. In the summer, George has a modest stall at Abersoch’s Glass Butter Beach event. 

When he noticed Rizzle Kicks performing on the main stage, he offered them some box logo hats. The band then wore the caps on stage and was later spotted completely dressed in Represent gear. This was a tremendous increase in brand visibility without a marketing investment. 

The company gained traction with online sales, and soon Footasylum wanted to sell Represent clothes; the commencement of B2B sales allowed George to develop funds and begin experimenting with new designs and manufacturing procedures. 

Work on the following collection began while still working out of George and Mike’s family garden shed. After constructing a pattern cutting table and purchasing some secondhand industrial machinery online, manufacturing became a hybrid process in which samples could be made in-house and delivered to the Birmingham facility. 

It was a lengthy process because the firm had progressed well beyond printing logos onto empty garments, but it provided George and Mike considerably more influence over aspects like unique fits, forms, and materials. These characteristics set Represent apart from the competition in the saturated streetwear industry.

They introduced their Storm collection in 2015. The shoot site was in Iceland, which was maybe Represent’s most ambitious campaign to date. 

The volcanic island setting offered an otherworldly vibe that complemented the Storm collection nicely.

After the Storm collection, Represent’s clothing only went uphill and garnered attention globally and especially from the new designers in the fashion industry. More people started looking at the brand as an innovation to the current mainstream streetwear fashion.

2022 began with a website redesign, with an entirely new site developed to match the style of the company’s evolution. Customers were also given a more seamless shopping experience and more ways to explore our items thanks to the new site. 

The 247 pants were an instant hit, selling out with every resupply, so Represent Clothing started expanding the line with the same blend of fashion and athletic objectives. Thus, the three Represent pillars were born: mainstream, 247, and Blank, with each pillar having specific releases during the year and each pillar having somewhat distinct client demography.

They also have launched an Owners’ Club collection, which was inspired by antique vehicle owners’ clubs, where like-minded individuals could share their enthusiasm. They marketed Owners’ Club as ‘For enthusiasts, by enthusiasts’ to develop clothing that customers could wear to show their love for the company.

Represent’s journey into success has only started and their clothing has received several interesting reviews. You can find a bunch of amazing clothes at their stores and always leave satisfied with your purchases. Over the years, the brand has only grown better!

Is represent clothing of good quality?

Yes, Represent clothing is often appreciated for its amazing quality and guarantee of excellent fabric and stitching!

 Is Represent a good company?

Represent has a customer rating of 3.95 stars out of 395 reviews, showing that the majority of buyers are pleased with their purchases. Therefore, it is safe to say that the brand is a great company.

Customers that are pleased with Represent usually remark excellent service, high quality, and a variety of campaigns. The brand is also ranked 28th among T-Shirt websites.

 Who owns the brand Represent?

Represent Clothing, established in Manchester, pays homage to British identity and Britpop themes. They Begin by printing a graphic and for the finishing touch, wear grey Fearless-print sweatshirts.

George Heaton launched Represent in 2012 after producing T-shirts while studying at the University of Salford. It presently has over 150 retailers globally, including Selfridges and Harvey Nichols in the United Kingdom.

Currently, George is still the owner and operating the brand quite brilliantly.

 Where does represent clothing come from?

After learning how to create the outfits, they hired a pattern cutter through Instagram and submitted the items to be produced at a Birmingham factory. 

Represent was producing roughly 60 pieces at the time; presently, they produce 90 percent of the factory’s output and produce around 30,000 units every season. 

The brand ensures that they follow all ethical and sustainable measures during the production time.


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