Jobaba Beads are essential products for many businesses such as the soap and fragrance industry.

Jobaba beads are mainly tiny spherically shaped beads manufactured from jojoba oil. They act as a gentle exfoliate that can clear dead skin cells and also expose new soft skin.

Jobaba beads are a big hit in the market and have huge demand everywhere. The best part is that they do not harm your skin while cleaning it or leave abrasives with pointed edges like plastic beads.

There are many vendors around the world which cater to supply Jobaba beads, the list below consists of some of the best wholesale Jobaba bead vendors right now!

List Of Wholesale Jojoba Beads Vendors:

  • Wholesale Supplies Plus, Inc
  • Jedwards International, Inc.
  • Purcell Jojoba International, LLC
  • Lotioncrafter
  • Shay and Company

1. Wholesale Supplies Plus, Inc.

Wholesale Supplies Plus, Inc was established in 1999 by Debbie May who was an excellent designer of jewelry and initiated a business that sold good quality retail products at wholesale pricing.

The company specializes in the art of making professional quality soap making, skincare, and candle-making supplies. It started as a home business and now is a leading wholesale supplier in the soap and candle market.

Wholesale Supplies Plus, Inc also has a large selection of Jobaba beads which can be used by soap or candle manufacturers and retailers. Jobaba beads can also be reused, thus many retailers and customers buy them in bulk to reduce expenses. You can check out their collection of wholesale supplies below.

Contact Info:

Phone: 800-359-0944 / 216-503-9361 


Mailing Address: 7820 E Pleasant Valley Road, Independence, Ohio 44131.

2. Jedwards International, Inc.

Jedwards International, Inc was founded in 1994 as living regard to an ongoing tradition of a family. For over 100 years, the owners of Jedwards International makes high-quality oils for retailers and businesses.

This company continues its tradition by manufacturing a variety of oils and fragrances in South Boston. They also offer wholesale bundles and reasonable prices.

Jedwards International, Inc also sells Jobaba beads o their website, and it’s available in numerous sizes, shapes, and colors. You can check out the link below to access their Jobaba bead collection. 

Contact Info:

Phone: (617) 472-9300


Address: 141 Campanelli Drive, Braintree, MA 02184.

3. Purcell Jojoba International, LLC

Purcell Jojoba International, LLC offers different jobaba beads such as sea green jobaba beads, black jobaba beads, and many others. All their products are sustainable, vegan, and can be recycled.

The majority of businesses of Bath, Body Gels, Body Scrubs, and Polishes buy their kebab beads to fulfill their manufacturing processes and include high-quality materials in their finished products.

Purcell Jojoba International, LLC specifically focuses on the production of jobaba beads, oils, and seeds. It was established by Dr. Hal C. Purcell Sr. in the early 1970s to bring more pure jobaba products to the market.

Contact Info:

Phone: + 1-928-846-3217

Email:  [email protected]


Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3238, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86405.

4. Lotioncrafter

Lotioncrafter is a renowned supplier of various care products including a range of Facial Care Products, Hair Care, Home Care, Natural Formulations, Skin Care, and Spa Products.

The company was built to cater to a specific market that produces genuine, high-quality care products that are pure and void of any toxins and harmful ingredients.

The owner saw a gap in the market regarding good care products that were affordable and also of good quality, thus he created a business that sources the best natural ingredients and sells them in bulk online!

Contact Info:

Phone:  360-376-8008 / 866-490-9587

Email: [email protected]


Address: 48 Hope Ln, Eastsound, Washington 98245.

5. Shay and Company

Shay and Company is currently Oregon’s exclusive wholesale supplier of raw oils, plant butter, and oils. The company was founded in 1996 and is located on South-East side of Portland.

They have a really fast delivery service that can deliver orders on the same day even! The company also guarantees a high-end list of products that are durable and authentic.

Shay and Company mainly have famous clients from the CBD, distilling, and vaping industries, and have an amazing number of organic coconut oil, MCT oil, propylene glycol, and jobaba beads!

Contact Info:

Phone: 5036531155

Email: [email protected]


Address: 10639 SE Fuller Road, Portland, OR 97222.

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