Green Bay Packers is a professional American football team that is based in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The Packers are known for competing in the famous National Football League and they are also a member of the National Football Conference – North Division. 

There are so many Green Packers fans in the world who would love to catch a game despite the cold freezing weather during December. 

However, it is important to know that even though you are there to enjoy the game, you need to pack some essentials in order to stay warm and healthy.

Weather In Green Bay During December 

December is one of the coldest months in Wisconsin and it is very normal to witness snowfall there. The daily temperature during December can fall from 38°F to 28°F easily and most of the time it is overcast with a chilly environment.

December is when the winter actually starts and with the northern parts like the Green Bay, they normally surpass the normal routine temperature pretty quickly. Wisconsin is also the 10th snowiest state in the United States.

The temperature in Green Bay usually drops to 9°F and that is a very normal state. The rare temperature to occur is -4°F but that doesn’t really happen during December. 

Another downfall of December in Green Bay is the cold rainy days and which drops the temperature to 6°F easily. You can expect it to rain for two days straight or a heavy pour right after 5 days so make sure that you check the weather news before heading out. 

What To Wear During Daytime At A Packers Game?

Daytime during a Packers Game is pretty chilly as well during December so you might want to wear a hat almost all the time. Make sure that you cover your head with something that covers your ears as well. 

You can’t just wear a giant huge jacket and be okay with the weather. Layering warm clothes is the key during the daytime Packers Game. 

Wear a guff sweatshirt underneath your winter jacket so that you feel the warmth of it on your skin as well. But if you feel like cheering up the team with your Packers jersey, then you can buy a large size and wear it on top of your jacket.

Always wear a scarf and you can cover your face with it as well. There is nothing more disturbing than something cold like a breeze or someone’s cold hand touching you on the neck, so cover it real close and comfortably tight.

A good tip, you can walk around here and there so that you can stay warmer and you don’t feel stuck as we all do during winters. Not only would you feel warm but it is also good for your health too. 

The best way to move around is when something amazing happens during the game you get up from your seat and cheer loudly. 

What To Wear During Nighttime At A Packers Game?

During the night it gets extra chilly at a Packers Game since there is no hope for the sun at all. You can carry a cushion with you since the seats are much colder during the night so that would save you from some chilly pain.

Do not try to be fancy at the Packers Game and by that, we mean the ladies trying to wear heels or something like that. Wear sneakers or boots with socks so that your feet stay warm and cozy. 

Speaking of cozy, you can also bring a small blanket with you to the game and wear it like a shall because if you are a die-hard Packers fan, the weather should not be getting in the way. 

Always plan ahead which means wearing layers of clothing so even if you feel hot you can get rid of the layers the way you want to. 

Stay hydrated, even if it is freezing cold, you need to make sure that you are hydrated and feeling alright while enjoying the game.

Always pack a raincoat with you even if you have done a rain check and everything is for sure. The weather can be quite unpredictable at times so don’t want to be cold and wet while heading to the game. 

Other Things To Pack: 

The Winter season in Green Bay gets pretty intense every single day. You can never run out of some essentials that you carry with you to the game. 

  • Carry a moisturizer with you, make sure it is a travel size.
  • Lip balm can really help with chapped lips.
  • A water bottle and a blanket to stay warm and hydrated as well.
  • Preferably wear a warm zip-down jacket so that you can maneuver it how you like. 
  • Winter boots and sneakers.
  • Scarfs and a warm hat should be a go-to.

Final Verdict:

Wearing warm clothes is the only way you can be saved from the cold Packers Game weather. You know you want to have fun but try not to risk your health in the process.

The ideal case would be if you rain check before leaving for a game because no one likes to return home all drenched. But with global warming, the weather here is kind of tricky to manage.

You can expect some days to be really cold and some to be extremely mild weather-wise. In the old days, you could see that there was a consistency in the weather being cold but now the unpredictability is very daunting and sometimes in the face of your game plans.

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