If you have a large bust with assets that are desired by every other woman, you know that these big boobs are much more of a struggle than they are something to flaunt everywhere.

Other than the countless back pains and boob sweats or, as we like to call it, “Humidity-Titties”, it is a literal pain for women to carry a large bust.

We know that at least once a day, you wish for smaller boobs so that you can also wear all those cute little dresses you spot on mannequins.

While buying them is one struggle, wearing them is a much bigger struggle than all of this.

Even finding a good comfortable bra can be a struggle as most of your life you have to wear either black, white, or skin-colored bras.

These are the only three colors you get to buy at affordable rates.

Here we will discuss the never-ending issue of wearing spaghetti strap dresses with those large bosoms.

Wearing a halter neck or tiny spaghetti straps can be a struggle as big boobs need unconditional support, just like an adult going through a mid-life crisis!

How Do You Wear a Strappy Dress with Big Boobs?

There are two things to consider if you are a large-busted woman when you need to wear spaghetti or dresses with thin straps.

The first and foremost important one is whether you are comfortable wearing such a dress or not.

Layering is just a shrug away! If, at any time, you think that the boobs can call for some unwanted attention, you can quickly grab a scarf or a shrug with contrasting colors to layer on top of the dress.

But, if you are comfortable flaunting those assets, you can look for dresses that come with an attached bra.

Nowadays, there are strappy dresses available that have the cups pre-made, cut, and stitched on the inner side of the dresses.

The most preferred choice of bras when it comes to strappy dresses is a strapless bra, but we all know with boobs bigger than a C+ size, strapless bras are a joke!

What Should You Not Wear With Big Boobs?

There will be a dozen people out there who, in an attempt to promote body positivity, will tell you you should wear whatever type of dress you wish, no matter what your size.

While this may sound all motivational and awe-inspiring, it’s a hard-learned fact that dressing according to your body size can make or break your outfit game!

Similar is the case with pulling off a strapless or spaghetti strap dress. Quite frankly, they’re not made for everyone!

Sure there are days when you choose fashion over comfort.

But most days, those twin sisters on your chest need their support at all times, and spaghetti straps or strapless dresses just don’t do the trick!

Additionally, tops or dresses that bring attention to your bust should be avoided by wearing clothes that hug your waist.

Diverting all that attention towards your waist creates a balance and thus takes eyes off of your boobs.

Secondly, choosing the right neckline is also important when it comes to concealing a large bust.

Wearing tops with a high neck or a turtle neck can make the boobs appear bigger instead of hiding them. This is because it creates an odd ratio and makes your torso look shorter.

A v-neck or a heart neck can be your ideal go-to choice. Other than that, make sure that the neckline is not too deep, as that can also be more revealing.

What Kind of Bra Do You Wear With a Spaghetti Strap Top?

For all those medium-busted women, a strapless bra is the great optimal choice.

Strapless bras have no shoulder straps, so there is no struggle to hide your straps under the spaghetti straps of your dress.

Strapless bras are a convenient option only for a shorter period. The reason behind this is that if you choose to wear a loose-fit dress, the bra can easily slip down if not worn at its tightest measurement.

For people with a large busts, strapless bras are not a comfortable option. They can not provide the optimal support that the heavy sisters require.

Also, since large boobs are in no way gravity-defying, they can easily push down strapless bras that do not fit properly.

Hollywood celebrity Ashley Graham shared a pro tip on her Instagram account that is a powerful move against big boobs.

She suggests always going down a band size when wearing a strapless bra with big boobs.

The smaller band size provides a better under-support to the boobs, and thus with no straps seen in view, you can easily flaunt any strapless dress!

How Do You Dress if You Are Big Busted?

As stated above, heart necklines or V-necks are the best options for you to redirect any attention from your boobs. You can use the rest of your body to your advantage.

You can do this by wearing a dress that accentuates your curves and hugs perfectly around your waist.

All of this creates a visual balance and helps you in flaunting your dress without worrying about showing off your cleavage or boobs too much!


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