The RSC mark on a ring stands for RS Covenant, and 925 means the ring is made by using sterling silver, the best type for rings and jewelry. 

The RS Covenant stands among the world’s best jewelry manufacturers as you can see the top-quality finish and material only in the jewelry of RS Covenant, and the specialty lies in its rings which are the most popular jewelry item in their collection.

RS Covenant has expertise in making sterling silver rings using 925 silver. Sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925. It is the purest form of silver, containing a percentage of 92.5% of silver.

Are RSC rings real?

Yes, RSC rings are real. Whether, you buy a ring made from gold, silver, stone, or Jeweler’s Bronze (a brass alloy), RSC uses genuine metals. 

Usually, The RSC uses sterling silver to make rings which brings a gleaming effect to that fine piece of jewelry with being highly affordable for the buyer. 

You will get to see endless options of rings from RSC since it offers rings in various styles and designs that are unique pieces in themselves for some obvious reasons, such as handcrafted, affordable, guaranteed satisfaction, beautiful stones, etc.

What does RSC mean when stamped on a ring?

RS Covenant is a maker of fine jewelry, and the brand name was initiated thirty years ago. They use their initials, like RSC on their products. So, the stamp of RSC on the inside of a ring represents the RS Covenant as well as tells the cost of the rings.

What does RSC mean on gold?

RSC creates fine costume jewelry made with brass alloy or sterling silver, and the RSC stamp on gold jewelry means it is gold plated.

What is it worth?

The RS Covenant rings appear as a piece of fine jewelry still, many people wonder about the worth of their rings.

According to a rough estimate, the cost differs for every ring due to its design and material. The price range of an RSC ring varies from $30 to $70. The expense can rise depending on your requirements if you want a made-to-order customized ring.


RSC 925 on a ring means that the manufacturer RS Covenant uses sterling silver to make rings containing pure silver 92.5%. Their rings are real pieces stamped with RSC to indicate their initials. 

RSC on gold refers to the gold plating on brass metal or sterling silver, and their costs ranges from $30 to $70 a piece.

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