Imagine you buy a piece of jewelry and found some stamps. You might wonder what do these stamps like 14k, 18k, 22k, or some letters, such as PK14, GM, NP, or DQCZ mean? These carvings represent the maker’s identity or the purity of metals.

We have gathered some useful information for you if you witness a stamp p14K on a ring. The stamp P symbolizes the plumb gold- the new measurement of gold introduced in 1976, and the mark is also expressed as 14kp. The word plumb means true, derived from the French term plum, meaning exact. 

KP on a ring means Karat Plumb. It is the mark of quality that gives assurance that value can’t be less. It indicates the exact amount of gold that is 14 k no more or less used in a ring. Some governments allow 13.5k to be stamped 14k, so the 14KP lets the consumer know it is a true 14 karat mix. 

For example, a necklace or bracelet stamped with a 14K plumb gold value (14KP) is guaranteed to contain 58.33% gold or more.

Some people unknowingly may comprehend it as a 14k plated commonly marked HEG for heavy gold electroplating.

How much is a P14K ring worth?

Karat amount denotes the purity of the gold, while the jewelry item with the stamp P or plumb gold is guaranteed to have a gold purity that’s not less than specified on the item. Instead, the item may be slightly purer. 

The value of 10k gold jewelry is $16.35 per gram, while the worth of a p14k gold ring is $423.50 per gram.

What does P14K china on a ring mean?

China is one of the leading jewelry producers for decades and is known for its detailing and finishing of jewelry. The Chinese standard for making gold is impressive and higher than other countries. 

When you see a stamp P14k White Gold Solitaire Ring Stamped P14K China, it means high-quality gold. It is certified, and plumb refers to a high-quality value.


KP means karat plumb- a mark of quality that denotes the guaranteed amount of gold in that item. P14k on a ring means the ring contains exactly 14k gold may be slightly more but not less than the specified amount.

The worth of the p14K ring is $423.50 per gram. The stamp p14k China represents high-quality 14 karat gold made in China, and plumb refers to the value.

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