Marks, stamps, and carvings on jewelry is a common practice to indicate the type of metal used in that piece, the purity, or the goldsmith’s initials. 

NF means Nickel Free, and its stamp on a silver ring means that the real sterling silver is used to make that piece. NF is a hallmark that represents 92.5% pure silver, and the remaining 7.5 percent does not contain nickel.

Sterling is a silver alloy consisting of 925/1000 pure silver, while 75/1000 is fused metal to offer durability or hardness. Sometimes other metals like nickel and copper are used in an alloy that makes the rings less pure. It may cause irritation and severe reaction to the wearer. 

On the contrary, if you witness the mark NF on a gold ring, it denotes nickel filled.

What does NF on jewelry mean?

NF on jewelry refers to different meanings. Before we answer the question, check out what jewelry item you have. 

NF also means Nickel Free. Sterling silver jewelry does not contain nickel in its alloy, so there is no point to identify it as nickel free.

As we know, 925 sterling silver does not contain nickel, it is not as desirable to mark NF on a piece of jewelry when it is already mentioned as 925.

The NF mark is not necessarily a reference to the alloy contents. CHAPAL-ZENRAY, INC is a mass marketer of jewelry in Texas. NF represents the registered trademark for the importer since 1980.

Is it worth anything?

The worth of NF jewelry depends on the metal used in that piece.


NF means nickel-free if it is stamped on a sterling silver ring whereas, on a gold ring, it represents nickel filled.

NF on jewelry does not always represent alloy contents instead, it is a registered trademark of Chapal Zenray Inc.

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