A hallmark serves to confirm the object’s metal’s purity. In other words, if an item is marked with a “gold” hallmark, then the purchaser, will be able to tell that it is, in fact, real gold and not just something that imitates gold. 

You can determine the value of your jewelry with the help of these stamps. KJ Stamps on your Jewelry is a maker’s maker, and we’ve compiled some interesting details about it below. 

What does 14 KJ mean on gold? 

If a ring has KJ on it, it can be a product of the KJ Jewelry Corporation. They are a skilled producer of many types of fashion statements, such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and metal jewelry. This business is based in Donguan, GD, China, and was established in 2008. 

They have now collaborated with numerous international fashion brands and businesses, such as Urban Outfitters, PIECES, EQUIP, LPP from Poland, and other countries. 

14 stamped with KJ on a gold ring means that it is made of 14 karats of gold. This means it is 14 parts gold out of 24 parts. Or it indicates the gold ring size.  

What is its worth? 

The only way of knowing how much your ring is worth is to define the type of jewelry value, which varies based on the circumstances. The value of KJ jewelry varies based on the metals and gemstones used in the ring.  

A 14K KJ ring can cost around $ 36.363 for one gram of gold. And one ounce of gold can cost as much as $1,131.9. 


Some marks are difficult to identify as they can indicate various meanings. The true meaning behind these marks determines their worth and durability. KJ on a ring is likely to indicate a jewelry company based in China called KJ Jewelry Corporation. 

14 on a ring could indicate its metal, that will be 14 karats gold or it could simply mean its ring size. In both circumstances, the worth of the ring will be different.  

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