The initials KP can capture your interest whether you are a jewelry vendor, collect estate jewelry, or are just looking to acquire some gold. Gold purity is described by KP. 

Karat markings are important to consider when buying any gold jewelry. Below is the right information regarding your queries about KP. 

What does KP stand for in jewelry means? 

K stands for karate, which means “Gold Purity.” Keep in mind that 10k, 14k, and 18k are not pure gold. Since pure gold is too soft to be used in jewelry, other alloys are combined with gold to make it stronger. And on the other hand, plumb means “True.” 

It derives from “Plum” or “Plombe,” a French word that also means “Weight.” For instance, the mark 18KP guarantees that the gold’s value cannot be less and denotes that it must be at least eighteen karats plumb gold.  

Always select the proper carat based on your interests, but be cautious of the restrictions of specific types. Because purer higher karat gold is more resilient to corrosion and will seem more yellow. 

What does 14 KP mean on a ring? 

Gold jewelry with the exact quantity of gold in the mixture that the Karat mark specifies is referred to as KP.  It is certified that a ring bearing the 14K plumb gold value (14KP) contains 58.33 percent or more gold. 

A few years ago, a piece labeled 14Kt may legitimately be 13.5 karats and yet be regarded as 14K. But to be called plumb gold today, a ring labeled 14KP must contain at least 14 of the 24 parts fine gold. 

What is the worth of 14 KP gold? 

In Houston, gold’s price is currently $1,906 per ounce. Worth of 14KP gold jewelry is different from 14K gold. For example, a 14KP ring has more percentage of gold then 14k. Some jewelers mark their gold as 14K, although the actual gold content is only 55 percent, not 58.5 percent.  

But for the 14KP gold ring, these estimates change. It will have 3.5 percent more gold. Therefore, it’s worth will be $35.85 per gram. And 2.09 of 14KP is valued at $74.92. 

Is 18 KP gold real? 

An interesting case is when the carat number is followed by the initials KP as in 18KP. The mark reads, “eighteen karats,” and the letter P stands for “plumb.” This guarantees that the item’s gold composition will be at least 18 karats proving that it is real gold. 

Without the P-letter mark, your jewelry’s real karat value may differ slightly from the marked value. For example, an 18K item may technically be 17.5 karats if it is not stamped with the P letter mark. 


You should always check the “KP” mark on the chosen piece as it affects the percentage of gold. 14KP has 3 percent more gold content than 14k, thus making it more expensive.  

KP is a mark that promises the purity of gold. If a 14KP or 18 KP is marked on your jewelry then it means it is pure gold.

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