The markings on the pieces of jewelry are an old practice making it easier for the wearer to buy one just by searching through the manufacturer’s name. In the same way, JWBR uses its stamp on jewelry items to specify its beautiful creations. 

JWBR is a jewelry trademark by Renaissance Jewelry New York, INC., and when you see its stamp on a ring, it illustrates the manufacturer’s name. 

What is JWBR jewelry?

JWBR is a registered trademark, and currently, LTD owns the brand. JWBR filed a registration by the U.S. federal trademark in 1998. 

The USPTO has specified the serial number 75455665 to the JWBR trademark, and its filing is registered and renewed with reference to the current federal status. 

The USPTO received the description of jewelry for JWBR, so the file of the JWBR trademark lies in the category of jewelry products. 

The JWBR jewelry is real as they use precious metals, alloys, and goods coated therewith integrating precious stones as well as horological and chronometric instruments.

What does JWBR 925 mean on a ring?

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The stamp JWBR 925 on a ring means the gorgeous sterling silver ring is made by the brand JWBR. It identifies the silver content in the ring i.e., 925/1000 parts are pure metal.

The rings may carry a rhodium plating on the silver to add luster and are usually stamped 925 and JWBR on the inside band. 

How much is it worth?

The worth of the JWBR 925 ring ranges from $25 to $340 or even more, depending upon the metal, designs, or diamonds used in them.


JWBR is a jewelry manufacturer registered and renewed by U.S. Federal trademark. It uses precious stones, metals, and instruments to make jewelry and the cost varies largely from $25 to $340.

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