By simply looking at or handling jewelry, it is quite difficult to determine how much precious metal is there. Some dishonest jewelers would attempt to pass off jewelry with low precious metal content and sell you at a higher price.  

This article will help you understand the JP88 stamp and its worth. Knowing the worth of a jewelry item will keep you safe from such con artists. 

What is its worth? 

JP on a ring is a hallmark and this stamp is used by a famous jewelry company named Jack Pilatowicz. Jack founded his company in 2007 in Brisbane, Australia, after 20 years of expertise in the jewelry manufacturing industry. 

JP makes custom-designed, one-of-a-kind jewelry to fit your preferences and style using the most recent software and technology. JP might also signify that Jane Pope Jewelry owns the ring. 

From exquisite rings and bracelets to multilayer necklaces and earrings, modern gold jewelry is available at JP. JP is a company name and 88 signifies the detail of the diamond used on your ring. A trademarked and branded diamond called “The Eighty-Eight” uses the mark ‘88’. 

This diamond has 88 facets, which is more than the typical round magnificent cut, and 8 sides that create an octagon. The best way to know the worth of the ring is to have your ring evaluated if you want a reliable response. 

A qualified specialist has the knowledge and training needed to assess the jewelry. However average price range of a JP 88 ring is between 300 dollars to 1000 dollars.  


It is beneficial to learn about jewelry markings and the company it belongs to. Such knowledge can assist you in knowing about the metal and gemstones used on the piece of jewelry.

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