Some jewelry makers engrave certain hallmarks on their rings and other pieces of jewelry to protect their consumers from buying fake pieces. Similarly, FM is the maker’s mark which stands for Feinberg Manufacturing Company. 

These quality marks are applied by the manufacturers and guarantee the precious metal content present in the jewelry. 

What is FM jewelry?

FM is an abbreviation for Feinberg Manufacturing Company. It was headquartered in Attleboro, Mass. They are known for making vanity cases for two decades during the 1920s and 1930s.

During these times vanity case production in the United States was at its most innovative. The company’s founder Leizer Feinberg was a Jewish immigrant who was listed as a jeweler in the Attleboro Business Directory in 1891. 

Feinberg’s jewelry business had expertise in making women’s lockets, bracelets, and other novelties. For collectors’ convenience, they marked their jewelry with the letters FM or even Finberg Mfg. 

The business had good workers and two people contributed to the success of the company. First was William E Lingard, an English immigrant who had become from being Finberg’s bookkeeper in 1911 to the factory manager by 1917.

The second was another Englishman Frederick Cooper who was known as a master enameller. 

What is it worth?

The price of Fm co jewelry depends on the carat weight of the item. Their price ranges from $125 to $135.


FM on jewelry refers to the Feinberg Manufacturing Company in Attleboro. This company generated vanity cases in America for two decades. Their products are reliable and are sold at reasonable prices.

So, if you are doubtful about whether your jewelry item is from Feinberg Manufacturing Company or not, look for their specific hallmark.

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