Have you noticed there are certain markings engraved inside rings? But you don’t understand what’s the motive behind this. These letters refer to the gold content from 8k to 24k for precious metal jewelry or to reveal the manufacturer’s name. 

One common discussion of the buyers is what is the meaning of Fzn on a ring. Well, Fzn is a trademark of Fuzion Creations International.  

What does Fzn stand for on jewelry?

Fzn stamped on jewelry indicates that it was designed by Fuzion Creations International. This jewelry company came into being on March 27, 2014. They manufacture imitation jewelry, anklets, watches, costume jewelry, amulets and gold jewelry. 

If you want to know whether your jewelry is real or not, look for these legally required marks. 

What does Fzn 925 China mean on jewelry?

925 China is a standard marking used on sterling silver jewelry. If 925 China is engraved on your jewelry, then it is hardly gold plated and contains most of the Sterling silver content. The jewelry piece is composed of 92.5% sterling silver and the remaining 7.2% is composed of other metal items. 

What is it worth?

The worth of Fzn sterling silver rings depends on their current form, antiquity and condition. An antique silver has a higher value than scrap silver. Their price ranges from USD19 to USD60.


If Fzn is inscribed on your ring, it is an indication that it’s real and has been manufactured by Fuzion Creations International. 925 China is a specific hallmark used for sterling silver and its worth relies on its condition and age.

After going through this article, you won’t be perplexed when you see these stamps on jewelry.

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