Jewelry stamps can be used to engrave abbreviations of brands such as DBJ 925. Different information is denoted by these particularly detailed, resilient, and versatile stamps. 

Since each stamp has its unique meaning. It is crucial to find out everything there is to know about the jewelry before buying it. If a piece of jewelry is marked with DBJ it indicates towards the maker’s markings.

Now it can be on gold, sterling silver, or platinum item stamped with the name of the producing company. They’re also referred to as ‘Trademarks.’ Below is the detailed meaning of DBJ stamped on jewelry. 

What does DBJ mean stamped on jewelry?

Some rings are engraved with the jewelry crafter’s name like DBJ in this case. DBJ engraved inside a ring or any piece of jewelry, is an abbreviation for Dee Berkley Jewelry. 

This company was founded in Las Vegas in 2003. They aim to provide pieces of jewelry with a unique meaning. 

DBJ provides bracelets, stacks, and, rings in their gemstones category. In their jewelry category, they have a wide range of mesmerizing bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and earrings. They use different metals to make their jewelry attractive. 

Most of their jewelry is made of sterling silver and is indicated by ‘925’ stamped inside. They also have a wide range of gold-plated jewelry on sterling silver. Such combinations of metals provide durability and contrast to their valuable pieces.  

Who is jewelry designer DBJ?

The mastermind behind Dee Berkley Jewelry is Dee Berkley. She was passionate about making rings since she was seven years old. In 2003 she was all set to launch her brand and built a remarkable career in the jewelry industry. 

This talented designer from Las Vegas creates light, unique jewelry. Dee Berkley’s charm bracelets for men and women have a designer’s distinctive style. These remarkable creations feature a blend of beads, precious metals, gorgeous stones, and crystals. 

Dee’s main goal is to work for her community in the best way possible. With help of her earnings through her brand, she donates to various charitable organizations. The motto of her brand is: ‘Do good. Feel good. Repeat. 


Whenever you look for the jewelry you might ignore the engravings. But it is necessary to acknowledge engravings such as DBJ.

Each piece of Dee Berkley Jewelry is stamped with DBJ. If it is stamped with ‘DBJ 925’ then it means Dee Berkley Jewelry is made of sterling silver. 

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