Gold is one of the precious metals every couple opts for when purchasing a ring for their better half. 

While buying a ring for the first time is a real challenge due to letters, stamps, or marks such as F4 engraved on it. These stamps indicate the gold compositions alloyed with other metals. They also symbolize the manufacturer’s logo or maker’s identity. 

In this article, we aim to educate you regarding F4 markings and stamps and their meanings that you may find written on rings.

F4 on a ring means it is flat size 4. Unlike other rings that are rounded or beveled, these are flat surfaces. They also help you distinguish metals, manufacturers, karat, weights, trademarks, jewelers, or designers.

What does F mean on jewelry?

When you buy a ring, you may find letters and stamps carvings on the inner side or at the back, like F, F4, FG, or any others. These are intended to tell you the purity of gold used in that particular piece of jewelry, or if it contains any gold at all.  

The gold manufacturers use hallmarks, logos, assay marks, and other indications of weight, metal, quality, and identifying attributes. 

A diamond shape containing the letter F does not necessarily mean that it is the standard designation of diamond quality. 

It can be an indication of a maker’s mark or assay mark. Whatever the reason or meaning they symbolize all of these marks as the primary indicators of quality.

What does FR 14K mean on a ring?

The 14K indicates the ring is 14 karat gold. It contains 58.5% gold alloyed with other metals, such as silver or zinc. In other words, 14K refers to 583 or 585 fineness of gold in a ring.

Since pure 24 karat gold is so soft and delicate, so, it is alloyed with other materials to increase its durability. 

The case of FR is as same as in FG that possibly denotes the manufacturer’s mark. It is the makers’ registered USA trademark, most likely that of Feature Ring Co. Inc. of New York City dating 1962, and seemingly outdated around 2006. 

Sometimes, a letter P is also engraved on the ring which stands for Plumb Gold. It specifies the amount of gold that is guaranteed equally to 58.5% or higher. 


Some letters or stamps are carved on the backside or inner side of rings according to the type of jewelry that indicates the purity of the gold as well as symbolizes the manufacturers’ name, trademark, or logo.

These letters also refer to the quality, weight, and metal of the jewelry, like F4, refer to a flat surface and 14K F denotes quality of gold. 

Sometimes, these letters may be confusing for first-time purchasers as they refer to the makers’ initials. In that case, the jewelers may help you understand what the markings mean.

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