The term 925 represents the notion of purity of sterling silver, meeting the industry standard for almost all European and American silver jewelry. The 925 stamp on a ring means that it is sterling silver, indicating the total weight of the ring is 92.5% is silver content .

925 represents that out of 1000 sheets, 925 are pure silver, and the rest is metal alloy like copper, brass, zinc, etc. Like gold, pure silver is so soft that bends and breaks easliy, and 92.5% silver is used to make silver jewelry and coins.

CZ refers to the stones of cubic zirconia- a synthetic mineral made of zirconium dioxide. These have different mineral structures than diamonds but resemble them. 

Cubic zirconias are naturally present in small amounts, and majority used in the jewelry are man-made in a lab. 

Some silversmiths may use real stones in silver jewelry, but cubic zirconium stones are more common in silver. It is because silver is very soft and stones are frequently lost.

925 Sterling Silver infused with CZ Stone is quite common in the jewelry industry. 925 CZ on a ring means that 925 Sterling Silver and CZ is used to make jewelry which helps cut down its cost in terms of material without sacrificing beauty.

Is a CZ 925 ring worth anything?

CZ is very inexpensive and when studded in a silver ring it is known as cubic zar or fake diamond. The ring worth depends on several factors, including the cost of silver, labor, time, shipping, packing, etc.


Pure silver is very soft, so 92.5% of pure silver content is used to make jewelry, and the rest is an alloy to offer durability. 

CZ is a lab-created gem that is both inexpensive and has a different mineral structure but resembles diamonds. The worth of 925 CZ rings depends upon the cost of silver.

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