If you have an interest in collecting jewelry, then you must have seen the letter F 925 engraved inside rings. We are here to give you detailed information regarding F 925 marking on rings.

According to the industry standards, a company has to engrave two stamps inside jewelry, one stamp shows the karat or the material and the second is the initials that represent the manufacturer’s name.

925 is the hallmark for sterling silver indicating the percentage of pure silver in the ring is 92.5%. 

What does the letter F mean in a ring?

F stamped on a ring refers to Faberge, which is a jewelry company established in 1842. Gustav Faberge founded it in St. Petersburg, Imperial Russia. His son Peter Carl Faberge introduced incredibly decorated Faberge eggs to the Russian Tsars. 

These shining eggs were jeweled and enameled and would open to uncover another egg inside, which would open to reveal a hen. 

Can a 925 ring have real diamonds?

Yes, a sterling silver 925 ring can have real tiny diamonds. Jewelry makers usually don’t place a large and valuable diamond in the center of a sterling silver ring. Diamond is used in jewelry for its strength, hardness, and high dispersion of light.

If you are in search of a ring that lasts for a lifetime, then buying a 925 ring with diamonds is the best choice you can make.

Is F 925 ring worth anything?

The worth of an F 925 ring depends on its weight. Nowadays a Sterling silver ring  starts at USD 23.40. Pure silver is very soft so manufacturers can’t create new designs. For this reason, sterling silver is used in making rings and other jewelry pieces.

Since sterling silver has more quantity of pure silver , it’s relatively costly. The price also depends on the gemstones incorporated in your piece. 

92.5% pure silver is quite valuable. So, if you buy a genuine F 925 ring then you have in your hands a worthy investment, whose value increases with time. 


F 925 on a ring signifies that it is composed of 92.5% pure sterling silver designed by a jewelry firm Faberge. A real F 925 ring provides value for your money. Now you are equipped with the right knowledge to make informed purchases when buying your next jewelry piece.

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