When you hear or see an untucked shirt the first thought that comes to your mind is what we all know as an unprofessional look. Well, what if there are a type of shirts that you can wear to wear, they don’t have to be tucked in, and you look super professional too at the same time? 

Now clearly if you are wearing a dress shirt and that is untucked that would look a tad unprofessional but nothing drastic. Dress shirts are meant to be tucked in, hence the name. 

The length of the shirt is a very important factor to consider given that it makes a difference in dress and casual shirts. A dress shirt is underneath the belt line and till the hem most of the time and if it is still the belt line then you can wear it casually. 

To make sure that your shirt looks casual and looks good untucked, the front pockets of your pants should be showing as well. 

You can wear a shirt untucked to work and that is considered professional. You have to make sure first with the HR dress code and how conservative the office environment is. 

Is Untucked Shirt Business Casual?

Business casual is a concept where you don’t strictly follow the dress code of a workplace but keep it together by keeping it semi-formal. Untucked shirts, when you think about it, might sound less professional but that is not the case if a shirt was supposed to be worn in an untucked way. 

You can wear an untucked shirt to a business casual place and keep it balanced with what you pair it with. When you wear a dress shirt you have to wear a coat and proper pants with it and that requires skills to pull off. 

Many men lack this skill and for that reason, business casual looks work for them. It doesn’t require a lot of work and you look put together at the same time.

There are different types of shirts that can be worn in a business casual environment that you also don’t have to tuck in. Polo shirts, plain tees, short dress shirts, and tank tops paired with a jacket can be easily worn without the need of tucking them in. 

Are T Shirts Considered Business Casual?

Well, you can wear a t-shirt to a business casual setting but again balance in your entire outfit can save the day for you. It always depends on what kind of shirt you are wearing.

You can’t wear animated shirts to work unless it is super casual like for a fashion magazine or local magazine. Always go for safe colours when it comes to tees. 

Black and white shirts are the safest you can get for your love of tees in a business casual environment. You can pair these tees with jeans and pants even and slay the next business meeting without any problem.

For most businesses wearing tees is not considered appropriate. You have to check in with the kind of business it is, if it is super conservative and only complies with a proper dress code then you better keep that in mind.

Can I Wear An Untucked Shirt To Work?

Yes, you can wear an untucked shirt to work if it is a casual and less formal setting. You can also make an untucked shirt look great with a jacket or a sweater on top. 

Most people and formal business settings refrain from casually untucked shirts as they give kind of a sloppy look which is true. But since with a pantsuit you have to fashion it with the right accessories, the same goes for anything appropriate but a bit risky.

What Makes A Shirt Business Casual?

A business casual shirt is something that is casual but looks comfortable and formal at the same time. There are no strict rules about the shirts you are wearing to work unless they are way too sloppy then they are definitely out of line. 

A lot goes into making sure that your professional yet casual tee looks work appropriate. You have to choose the right colours and prints, if you have printed ones, for work. 

You can’t just show up to work in a Spiderman tee because that is just immature for conservative environments and if not, then it is your lucky day. The colour of your tee matters because it should be in coordination with the colours that are acceptable in a work environment and look formal enough.

You can always work with neutral colours and just play it safe with some bright combos as well. Balance is the key to your pants and accessories van covers up for your bright shirts. 

You have to draw a line with the shirts that you wear to a business casual setup. Wearing a tee is already risky enough, try not to wear the type that screams that you don’t know how to work the work environment. 

There is a popular concept of ripped tees and pants and that is why we say that you have to draw a line somewhere. Shirts that are too ripped like with holes in them might be a fashion statement but a big no for your casual business setting. 

This rule of taking care of what kind of shirt to wear to work applies to both men and women and anyone who might want to take on these suggestions. 

You can always experiment with your look but your work environment is not always flexible like that. 

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