It’s hard to imagine a family business consisting of date tree orchards could transcend the boundaries of its scope and evolve into one of the fastest-growing jewelry stores in the state.

But this is exactly what the owner and designer of Jacoje, Braden Homec, accomplished.

Obsessed with fine jewelry, Braden took his first steps in the business by designing and crafting his own little passion projects in various stores and small boutiques.

Eventually, his commitment and hard work paid off, and now Jacoje has been thrust into the mainstream by celebrities and sports athletes.

Wearing their Jacoje products with pride and displaying them on their person for the world to see, this celebrity marketing has established Jacoje as one of the largest jewelry brands in Southern California.

Jacoje prides itself on its employees, all a master of their craft, some having more than four decades worth of experience under their belts.

Every Jacoje product is handset, finished, and evaluated under extreme scrutiny prior to shipping.

With such intense attention to detail, Jacoje has cultivated a strong sense of customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Is Jacoje Good Quality?

Every piece of fine jewelry bought from Jacoje comes with a promise of purity and quality.

Whether they be chains, pendants, bracelets, or rings, Jacoje products are made from the finest and purest 24 karat gold worldwide.

This prevents them from developing stains or discoloration on their surfaces, ensuring a lustrous appearance no matter how long you use them.

Hallmarks are a recurring feature in Jacoje products, with each and every product being inscribed with its gold and silver content so customers can gauge its quality before purchase.

Furthermore, only genuine gemstones are used in Jacoje’s jewelry, devoid of any scratches or surface deformations.

These gemstones are available in a variety of shades and are finely cut and polished before being embedded in the piece.

How Long is Jacoje Shipping?

Jacoje, being a multinational brand, caters to customers worldwide. Partnering with renowned logistical company FedEx, Jacoje ships its products all around the globe.

For local orders within the United States, Jacoje uses FedEx 2DAY Express shipping, although it excludes weekends.

Jacoje recommends waiting 3-4 business days after product fulfillment and manufacture for the product to arrive at your doorstep.

A signature is required when the order has been received from FedEx. After the product has been handed over to FedEx by Jacoje, there is no option for holding the shipment or changing it in any way.

The package will be delivered to the shipping address provided when placing the order on the website, or alternatively, it can be shipped to the PayPal address.

Duties and shipping taxes will be charged in the case of international orders, which the customer will be informed of by FedEx after the shipment has reached the country.

Prior to delivery, the bill, including the taxes and duties, must be paid in full.

The manufacturing and fulfillment time is product specific and mentioned in the product description on the website.

But as a rule of thumb, chains and bracelets require 2-3 business days for fulfillment, while rings and pendants may take up to 4 weeks after the order is received.

You can reach out to Jacoje via email at [email protected] for any queries regarding the status of the shipment or item availability.

Does Jacoje Accept Returns?

Jacoje prides itself on being a customer-friendly operation and understands the hassles, confusion, and misunderstandings that come hand in hand with online shopping.

A product might not meet the customers’ expectations, or it might not fit; whatever the case, the customer might want it exchanged or returned.

While returns are not part of their policy, Jacoje entertains requests for the exchange of products of equal or higher prices if they are put forward within five days of the delivered date.

One exchange per order is permitted, although if the product is in any way deformed or tarnished, it is ineligible. There is also a restocking fee of $20 accompanying each exchange.

The parcel should be shipped by the customer to Jacoje along with the order number, shipping address, and exchange instructions.

Typically, the duration required for a successful exchange is 7-10 business days after the parcel has arrived at Jacoje.

Is Jacoje Jewelry Real?

You don’t get to witness the exponential rise Jacoje has been seeing by selling fake jewelry and scamming your customers.

Jacoje deals in only the finest, most premium quality pieces of fine jewelry available in Southern California. Their jewelry is made with top-of-the-line gemstones set using prongs and bezels for maximum authenticity.

Braden Homec, the founder, also allows you to deal directly with him, personalizing each piece to your t’s content.

In the mood for Jesus pieces, four karat diamond rings, customizable products, or even last-minute purchases? Jacoje is the place for you.


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