Having large breasts is both a blessing and a curse. If you’re lucky enough to be medium-breasted, you may wish you had them, but your back wishes you didn’t.

On top of it all, your clothing makes things 10 times more difficult for you. The foulest offender? Wearing a backless dress with a huge bust.

So do you wear a bra or go without it? Or, do you desolately accept that these types of clothes were not made with your triple D cups in mind?

It certainly can be confusing and frustrating, which is why we’ve dedicated this article to help you slay a backless dress no matter what your chest size.

Types of Bras to Wear With a Backless Dress

The first and foremost way to rock any backless dress is to stop considering what other people have to say to you.

It may be hard at first, but it will without doubt make you feel confident in yourself.

But until you reach this stage of self-love, these tips and tricks will help you in wearing a backless dress with much ease.

Adhesive bra

If you want an illusion of not wearing anything under your dress, try an adhesive bra. These are quite famous and popular among women.

They provide great support and the adhesive is pretty strong too, so you do not have to worry about them falling off.

Convertible bra

By choosing a convertible bra, we can adjust the bra straps and wear them as we wish.

Simply removing a strap and pulling the other strap diagonally across your back would hide the bra if the dress has a peekaboo cutout along the lower back.

Convertible bras that have clear straps also work wonders.

These bras are great for women with huge busts since the straps provide them with more support than strapless bras.

Multiway bra

A normal clasp bra will make it seem pretty obvious that you just wore your regular bra with your backless dress.

The multiway bra, on the other hand, with its bra straps forming a halter shape, would make it seem like the bra is a part of the dress.

So you will still be looking pretty elegant all while being supported.

Invisible bra

The see-through plastic backs of invisible bras work perfectly for backless dresses.

The illusion of the back makes it seem like you are not wearing any bra when in reality, your bust is being supported all while your back looks fabulous and chic.

The plastic may be uncomfortable for some, but it fulfills the purpose it was made for.

Tips and Tricks to Wear a Backless Dress Without a Bra

Backless dresses can sometimes require the use of custom low-back bras, but these bras can be quite heavy on your pockets.

That is why we came up with different hacks and found several ways of wearing backless dresses with or without bras.

Wear sew-in cups

Most backless dresses come with inner padding where you can place your sew-in bra.

These bras are perfect for support and since they are made from silicon, they are pretty comfortable too.

You can buy these bras for less than $10 on amazon. You can easily get these bras permanently sewn into the dress too.

Use nipple pasties

Going braless is not that much of a deal for some people unless your nipples start acting up. Nobody likes perked-up nipples poking through their clothes.

The best solution for this situation would be to cover up your nipples.

Here’s when nipple pasties come to the rescue. Paste them right on top of your nipples and voila!

They may not provide proper support but work great for backless dresses, most of which already come with support.

Use a boobie tape

These tapes work best if you simply choose not to wear a bra.

They provide the support you need, and you can also make your chest look bustier just by adjusting the position of the tape.

Stick the end of the on your breast and pull the tape upwards to stick it close to your armpit.

You can buy these tapes from any lingerie department or online.

Although taking off this tape may be uncomfortable, it’s all worth it in the end.

You can also use nipple covers with these tapes for a full bra effect.

Embrace your body

Most of the time, our worst critics are ourselves. We look at ourselves through such a lens where we focus mostly on our flaws and overlook our uniqueness.

We have to learn to embrace ourselves for who we are because every one of us is beautiful in our own way.

If we feel confident in our bodies, any piece of clothing will look fabulous.

Final verdict

There are different ways of styling backless dresses.

You can either do that by simply wearing low-back bras or by trying different bras and choosing which looks the best.

All that matters is you feel confident and fully secure in what you are wearing.


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