Vegas has always been one of the top spots for people interested in urban adventures and is one of the most populated cities in the US.

Both the day and nightlife in the city are full of drama, fun, and once-in-a-lifetime fun.

There is a reason why many movies and shows portray it as the Party Capital of the States.

As a result, it comes as no surprise that thousands of adventurists are attracted to the city to fulfill their passions and desires.

Vegas is quite an eventful city, so you shall always find multitudes of events happening in the city catering to a diverse spectrum of interests.

Even in July, when temperatures are off the charts, the people of Vegas still manage to make the city lively and eventful with huge pool parties, concerts, and a lot more.

So if you’re also headed to Vegas this July as a first-timer, get ready to learn everything you need to rock this trip!

How Hot is Vegas in July?

Las Vegas happens to be pretty smoking hot in the month of July. So make sure to stay hydrated, sun-screened, and in the shade.

But mostly, the temperature varies from 37-39 degrees regularly, making this the perfect time for you to completely enjoy the summer pool parties to their maximum and also get to show off your carved summer bods.

In July, the days happen to be sunny, dry, and long, allowing you ample time to enjoy and explore the city during the day.

Even though the chances of rain are low, Vegas does experience some showers from time to time.

This is actually an advantage to tourists as the population in Vegas drops down this month, making it easier for you to find a good hotel at a reasonably discounted price compared to the other months.

What to Wear During Daytime Events in Vegas?

Vegas will have a lot of events for you to witness in the daytime, but when it comes to clothing, we strongly advise you to get ventilated, breathable and light clothing so as to combat the unforgiving Vegas sun.

Also, stock up on your sunscreen supply because you shall need it everywhere.

So let’s dive right into them and see what you should pack for them.

4th of July Celebrations:

The United States Independence Day will surely be your highlight of the trip as the entire Vegas comes together to celebrate this auspicious and joyous occasion.

All shops, bars, and casinos are open to making this day truly special for you.

When it comes to outfits, anything casual yet celebratory will work.

You can go out in your latest graphic T-shirt paired with nice shorts along with sneakers or flaunt a red striped tank top with a mini skirt.

Wear anything that’s casual, and preferably the color of the flag.

Vegas Summer Pool Parties:

Vegas is known for its famous pool raves. So be sure to get to attend one such event.

The atmosphere is full of jubilant dancing people who are often pretty drunk but nevertheless, the parties are lit.

You can wear your hottest bikini and get heads turning towards you, or you can simply wear comfortable swimwear that doesn’t show too much of you.

If you choose to wear a bikini, remember that different resorts in Vegas have different rules when it comes to how much skin you can show off, so it’s better to err on the side of caution.

Vegas Summer Market:

From the 24th to the 28th of July, the Vegas summer market will be exhibiting some of the most popular trends when it comes to designing furniture and decor.

Be sure to check it out if you’re a fan of aesthetics.

You can go clad in semi-formal attire, so we recommend you don a lovely long light-colored maxi with flats and a dark cross-shoulder leather bag.

The light maxi and flats will allow you to walk comfortably throughout the market and yet exude grace and class.

Outfit Guide for Night Events in Vegas

Your night ventures in Vegas shall be composed of fancy trips to clubs, casinos, and restaurants, or you can choose to spend time at the Vegas Strip.

Let’s see how you can dress for these special moments.

Fireworks on the 4th of July:

There is nothing better than to be with a loved one staring at the Vegas night skyline and enjoying a magnificent show of fireworks, right?

Well, this wish of yours can be fulfilled if you’re staying in Vegas on the 4th of July as the entire city erupts with exciting festivities throughout the day.

There will be magnificent fireworks on display at nighttime throughout the city, especially on the Vegas strip.

So make sure to stop by at ARIA, Ceasar’s Palace, or any other Resort at 11 pm to witness the sky illuminate with fancy fireworks.

As this can be a special and romantic setting, we suggest you style a midi skirt with a cute tank top as it will be fancy and pompous yet perfect for the Vegas weather!

The midi skirt is neither too short nor is it too long, so it shall be very comfortable for you to walk in.

Just add some nice flats to this combo, and you’ll be all set for the night!

Bellagio’s Casino:

If you went to Vegas and did not try making money via gambling, why’d you even go to Vegas?

This city has the finest players that will really impress you with their skills at seemingly luck-based games.

Bellagio’s is one of the high-end Casinos where entry is strictly for the well-dressed only.

So if you’re a man, get your suits and tuxedoes out because that’s the need of the hour.

Even if you don’t want to be in a suit, a collared shirt and pants are mandatory, so keep your formal wear in mind while packing.

For women, this is the time to show off the model that you aspire to be by wearing the best dress you have at your disposal.

Silk strapped dresses are really popular right now, so do have a try at that.

You can pair this up with a nice matching clutch and contrasting jewelry, and you’ll be set to make jaws drop.

Hope this article helps you all. Now get partying!


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