Punto Fa, S.L., trading as Mango, is a Spanish clothing design and production firm created by brothers Isak and Nahman Andic in Barcelona, Spain.

It creates, manufactures, and sells apparel and accessories for both men and women.

The sea that washes our shores, the warmth of its light, and the happiness of our people. MANGO wants to convey the finest of the Mediterranean essence that they have nurtured over the last 35 years

The desire for a slower pace of life and a respect for detail, translate into timeless designs that are environmentally conscious. 

A natural and modern aesthetic that also brings them together through their company’s appreciation of culture in all of its manifestations.

Mango has various collections targeted to multiple age brackets. Woman, Man, and Kids collections capture the spirit of Mediterranean design with a modern twist by paying attention to materials and details.

Their designs are designed to clothe the individual and feminine woman. 

The designs have a timeless look while keeping fashion aesthetics and trends in mind. In contrast, their Traditional tailoring is represented by the casual items in their Man collection. The clothes combine the most recent styles with ultimate comfort.

They also have a collection that is solely for children and their desire to inspire them. MANGO Kids, like a child, has a fresh, lively, and genuine personality. MANGO Teen is for teenagers!

The designs were made following current trends but yet allowed for personal expression among young people as they begin to define their style.

The culture and lifestyle of the Mediterranean inspire Mango Home, a collection of home necessities with natural textures, tranquil colors, and sustainable materials.

At MANGO, we are making strides toward establishing a strong framework and vision for our corporate social responsibility, which has resulted in a commitment to long-term growth.

This dedication extends throughout our value chain and areas of impact, and it manifests itself in the shape of a responsible management model centered on the production of shared value with our stakeholder groups.

Mango as a brand wants openness to be the foundation of its connection with consumers, which is why they outline its main aims and actions on their website.

In 1984, Isak Andic and his brother Nahman Andic, both Sephardic Jewish immigrants from Turkey, developed Mango. Mango’s website was launched in 1995, and its first online store opened in 2000. 

H. E. by Mango is a men’s clothing company that debuted in 2008 and was renamed Mango Man in 2014. Zinedine Zidane, a football player, helped promote Mango Man.

Mango employs nearly 16,000 people, 1,850 of whom work in the Hangar Design Centre and company headquarters in Barcelona’s Palau Solità I Plegamans.

Mango’s major market is Spain, although Istanbul, Turkey, has the most Mango outlets. Kate Moss has been Mango’s inspiration since Fall 2011. 

She originally featured in a video directed by Terry Richardson, who also photographed the ad. 

Mango’s sales in 2015 were €2.327 billion, with earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization of €170 million. 

In September 2020, the firm launched its teen brand, Mango Teen, with a pop-up shop incorporating a TikTok stage for clients in Barcelona at Rambla de Catalunya, 76. 

Mango developed a Mediterranean-inspired retail concept with better sustainability requirements in early 2021. Currently, the brand is excelling with a brilliant name in so many countries. 

They have stores in every single country you can think of right now, which points towards the popularity of this brand! It’s high quality, modern and has a chich style: who wouldn’t want a few articles in their wardrobe.

Are clothes from Mango good quality?

Mango is the shop that never stops delivering, from elegant slacks to structured jackets to jewelry that might pass for the designer. Prices are slightly greater than those of most other high-street businesses, but so is the quality. 

It’s well worth the extra money to have items with higher-quality fabrics and flawless tailoring. Even though the majority of their clothes are manufactured in China, they keep strict checking to ensure their clothes fabric is not cheap like the rest of the brands that outsource.

China, with 242 facilities, has the most suppliers for Mango, accounting for 29.4 percent of the total. Chinese manufacturers mostly create shoes and accessories, but textiles and denim are manufactured in greater numbers in Turkey (152).

 Is Mango or Zara better quality?

They are also curious as to whether Zara and Mango are owned by the same firm (they are not). However, it is Zara’s main rival. 

Mango and Zara are frequently found next to one other at shopping malls, and Mango sells men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing.

 Is Mango the same as Zara?

No, Mango and Zara are not the same!

 Is Mango considered fast fashion?

Fast fashion refers to clothing designs that travel fast from the runway to stores to capitalize on trends. The designs are frequently inspired by trends seen at Fashion Week runway displays or worn by celebrities. 

Mango is gradually establishing itself as a reputable fast-fashion retailer. It mostly caters to a young demographic and offers designer-level apparel at rock-bottom pricing.

They are also not quite sustainable as there is little evidence that they cut carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions. However, they do make use of eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton. 

If you want to buy Mango clothes, do check the link below and try their items out!

Website: https://shop.mango.com/us/women

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