London is the capital city of the United Kingdom. It is one of the oldest and greatest cities in the world.

It is the center of the UK’s transportation, economy, and cultural sectors.

London is known for its famous Big Ben Tower. The city is also home to Buckingham Palace.

The place is rich in high-end restaurants, art museums, architecture, and other historical sites.

People from all around the world come to visit this city, which is why it currently has over 270 nationalities.

The weather in London can be pretty cold and wet.

The sun doesn’t shine too often in London, so if you are a lover of gloomy and dark weather, this place is just for you.

Apart from the weather, there is so much to do in the city that we guarantee you will never get bored.

The Weather in London in August

August is the best time to visit London since the weather is moderate and pleasing.

The average daytime temperature in London falls somewhere between 20 and 22 Celsius, and during nightfall, the temperature drops to almost 10-15 Celsius.

You will also witness heavy rainfall during August, so make sure you pack some raincoats with sturdy boots.

The smart choice would be to pack your clothes in layers.

Pair a warm jacket or hoodie with each outfit, so you’re prepared for any type of weather.

Keep a raincoat at hand, and make sure you dress appropriately by keeping the ever-changing temperature in mind.

What to Pack for Your Daytime Activities in London?

Considering London’s daytime weather, make sure you wear something light and cool, such as a half-sleeved top with a pair of comfortable jeans and boots.

You can throw on a jacket of some sort to keep yourself warm, and if you are taking a backpack with you, keep a raincoat inside.

If you are thinking of going to the clay shooting on the Thames, then how about wearing a simple top with jeans and boots?

You can also pair this outfit with any matching jacket.

The clay shooting features a group of tourists with a local guide that teaches them to shoot clay.

You can compete against your family and friends and see who shoots the most clay.

After this event, a lunch buffet is served by the management, and you can enjoy the beauty of the River Thames while having fun with your friends.

You can also visit the famous Big Ben tower and roam around the London Eye, which features the most popular Ferris wheel in London.

This place is visited by almost 4 million tourists annually, and the locals love it too.

Fun Fact: You can see Big Ben and look over all of London through the Ferris wheel.

Wear a cute little top with a matching skirt and boots, then wrap a warm flannel around your waist, and you are all set to go.

Keep an umbrella in your backpack in case it rains there.

If you are thinking of taking a walk along the side of Buckingham Palace, then wearing comfortable shoes with a hoodie and sweatpants would be a great look.

You can even take a picture with the palace guards outside the door, and many tourists hang around this place to take in the magnificent sight of this historical palace.

Just be sure not to talk to the guards since they aren’t allowed to speak to the visitors outside.

What to Pack for Your Nighttime Activities in London?

The nights in London can be cold, so make sure you come prepared for that.

Keep a warm jacket or coat with you, or you can also pair your dresses with warm stockings underneath so that the cold doesn’t catch up with you.

The nights in London are jam-packed and lively.

The most famous spot in London when it comes to nighttime activities is the O2.

This place is one of London’s most popular monuments.

It is open both during the day and at night.

The dome-shaped structure of the O2 looks very intriguing and interesting from the outside.

On the inside, there are a variety of different bars and cafes that cater to every taste of the visitors.

There is also a climbing walkway where you can climb up if you are feeling active.

The climbing spot offers no escalator or lift, so you have to take the first step on your own.

If you are visiting the O2 to climb over the walkway, then wear something airy like a button-down blouse and shorts with some sturdy boots.

If you are only going there to try out the cafes, then wearing something fancy like a knee-length dress with heels and a coat would be perfect.

If you are a Harry Potter fan, then how about taking a tour of London to discover the actual locations where the movie was filmed?

The Ministry of Magic, the Leaky Cauldron, and Platform 9¾ are all included in this tour.

This tour is extremely cheap, and it is done on foot, so make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes.

You can even visit the Making of Harry Studio and see the whole experience firsthand.

You can wear a blouse with a matching skirt, pair the skirt with a warm stocking, throw on an overcoat, and you are good to go.

If you feel like watching a movie under the open London sky, then visit the rooftop film club in Stratford and have a blast.

The film club features screenings of different movies, all done in an open space, so you won’t feel the stuffy feeling of theatres.

For this, you can wear a mini dress with a coat and pair the outfit with some cute boots.

Additional Things to Pack:

  1. Warm stockings
  2. A raincoat
  3. Fancy dresses
  4. comfortable and minimal blouses.
  5. Jeans and walking shoes.

London is a place full of wonders and history. You will have the chance to see intriguing places and meet amazing people all in one place.


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