January in DC is often considered a dead month for tourism for a lot of reasons. But this should never stop you from visiting the city because there are still a lot of attractions open and you can totally take advantage of it.

Since it is not a holiday month anymore, you can book cheap flights and affordable hotel rooms as compared to December. You get to see a lot of places here without worrying about huge crowds which usually makes it unbearable too at times.

But if you are coming to DC with the hope that you can see some late holiday decorations then you would be disappointed. People here usually take down the decorations on January 1. You can always plan a trip in December for the holiday festivities in particular.

What Activities To Do In DC In January?

Since overall January is a slow month for restaurants as well you can get reservations quite easily. Some restaurants also have a winter week special going on as well.

So you would need to book in advance for those fancy restaurants as well. Since the crowds are not too big you can do a lot of indoor activities like visiting a museum that is free to visit as well. 

You also might want to check out the plays that are being performed at the Kennedy Center and they are practically free of cost for the visitors. Not all of the plays but some are free to watch. 

The Capitals and Wizards regular season would be happening here so you can catch that as well if you are a fan of sports. Both of these teams play at the Capital Arena so that is the spot where you need to be. 

For the ice-skating lovers, there are some rinks where you can go. The famous and notable rink is at the National Mall which is right opposite of National Archives and next to the famous National Gallery Of Art.

You can also go to other rinks that are at Navy Yard, the Wharf, and in Georgetown as well. 

Weather In DC In January

January is the coldest month in DC throughout the year as the day temperature is usually low at -2 to -3 degrees Celsius. As for the afternoons, the temperature goes to 6 to 7 degrees Celsius. 

There are going to be the coldest mornings and evenings here that are going to have a temperature of -8 degrees Celsius. There are days when the temperature is going to be low like -18 degrees and that’s when you know you have to take this weather seriously throughout this month.

What To Wear In Daytime In DC In January?

Without a doubt, while planning a vacation in Washington DC, you need to take out your coats and heavy jackets like woolen because it is going to be cold.

Make sure that you carry your scarf and caps with you because with all the snow you are going to need to do some covering up. You can even see the people around you having layers of warm clothing and when you dine somewhere you can remove the required amount of clothing as you like.

You can see snowfall that goes up to 3 inches easily on a casual day so for that, you need the right kind of footwear. Wear snow boots and try not to be all fancy with some whimsy heels or sandals as it is going to be freezing cold.

There would be some days that you would see the local residents wearing a light jacket but it is mostly because they are used to this kind of weather. If you are not, you really don’t have to apply the “when in Rome do as the Romans do” quote here.

What To Wear In Night Time In DC In January?

For a nice fancy night event, you would obviously feel like dressing up so you can wear a sweatshirt with a pair of pants with a nice coat that looks good. You pair the attire with some leather shoes because nothing really tops that.

Always remember to carry a muffler and gloves for the night here. Women can also try on a warm dress but you would need to layer up with a coat.

What Else To Pack?

There are a lot of essentials that you should be looking into before you leave for DC in January. It is going to be cold that is for sure but you need to pack your bag properly for that and not miss out

  • Winter boots with warm socks.
  • A fancy dress or two with the right shoes.
  • Formal wear for men as well.
  • Make sure that you pack your moisturizer and other skincare products.
  • A scarf and leather bags because why not as they are very durable
  • A hat, a warm one is a must.

Final Verdict:

If you notice carefully that even with some fashion-forward looks for the winter and chilly weather like that in DC, people tend to layer clothes a lot. All of these clothes are warm so you really don’t want to miss that, especially for health reasons.

You can look good as it is all about style and the kind of clothes you would wear. Make sure that you go for some neutral brown and nude shades for the daytime and if you are going out too.

These colors look soberer and out together. As for the evening, you can go for dark and elegant colors like maroon or red even if you are celebrating something or even if it is just for dinner. 

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